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Rob James of Pillsbury Global Energy on energy challenges

Tue, 7 Dec 2010|



Carbon sequestration. Smart grid biofuels. IO GC CR but. The energy revolution is here -- traditional fossil fuels nuclear power and -- alternatives are offering complex mix of solutions. To national and international energy and environmental challenges. Sponsored by posting a leading energy -- Executives lawyers and industry leaders from the world's most influential energy -- utility company. Recently came together for passionate discussion about the future. Renewable energy sources and gains in efficiency -- ultimately have a considerable impact in reducing carbon emissions. But one unavoidable fact is that the world will draw on coal and natural gas for a large portion of its power generation needs for the foreseeable future. That's -- Pillsbury and its clients are active in efforts to develop regulations technologies and projects in the field of carbon capture and storage. Stakeholders who take emissions reduction seriously. Are active at work on this bridging technology -- the carbon and renewable -- us. Our technology works with coal plants by capturing the -- and feeding -- technology. Our algae technology. Will be successful because we take this you -- recycle it into new beneficial products instead of just storing it in the earth or at the bottom of the ocean. The energy revolution also means drawing an improving on cleaner burning alternatives that -- use for more than forty years such as nuclear power. The best opportunities today are in the global nuclear power sector. Like -- corporation advises governments and corporations that have never deployed reactors before -- how to deploy these programs from scratch. Based on principles of transparency. -- proliferation. Safety and security. New opportunities in the energy sector are not limited just to start -- Also well known brands that are expanding on their expertise and innovation to address energy -- -- offers a wide variety of products to residential commercial and -- utility scale. In film amorphous -- film in particular is a new product that's coming -- -- this year that sharp offer to provide a more cost effective. Efficient method of solar -- Despite the recession despite the credit crunch. We have energy demand projections for the entire world within two years greater than they -- in 2008 it is steadily -- -- There's incredible demand for energy of all types. A traditional hydrocarbons renewable energy alternative fuels. This is a tremendously exciting space --

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