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Boots and Coots Interview

Wed, 17 Dec 2008|



Welcome to the Houston energy financial forum. I'm done -- is editor of -- gas financial journal. And I'm here with Jerry Winchester president and CEO of -- well controlled company this and -- its. Terry can you tell me what you what -- expectations were for this event that what you hope to what message you hope to get to the analysts and investors are here. I think. Certainly lectures and it was one thing come highlights of all your -- that -- -- -- one of communion down. And that was it and I think the question people went and it was there have been so. You know talk into the -- I think a lot of the questions you know obviously I don't know what's gonna happen you know what out of business -- I think. One of the things we wanted to be able to talk about was. How much more business was an actual vessel less effective -- cyclical nature. We'll see you guessed it. You know -- -- want everybody's. Predicting for romance I think it was good to get that out there. We talked about it -- conference -- but it's it's really good to be able to people looking at a great years. And and we thank you remember -- here. And it you know and we made a couple of here is certainly. We from the diversity stand -- -- -- -- -- You anticipated my question on the diversity. How much of your businesses international versus domestic it's about eighty. -- is that it is in a mesh well that's -- that's spread out. You know through the mideast. In -- -- minutes after his average from residences West Africa. And then we've -- You know upswing and South America as well. So it's it's a good. It's good business for us you know relative to all the service lines but particularly in safeguard an endorsement of. Okay -- how has the economic. Downturn impacting your -- everybody's been impacted to some extent but I know you mentioned that you double the revenues of the past year to expect that to continue. Well certain spot for -- to -- yeah that would that would continue for -- but I think. I think really. You know our customers having access to capital. They can't get the capital they need to grow and maintain. And programs and that's one of the things you see everybody's excited about -- worries about the Mark Phillips nailed that. That means -- But you know you look at that anchors almost wells you can't just throw -- commander's testimony -- because they're -- -- started -- you after. Really. That drawing program -- production comes -- In the states and -- as long as you -- throwing. You stop doing those things the -- a very chilling effect on production inkjet. I think from from access to capital. I don't think -- impact -- lately certainly slows us down with respect -- we might acquire. Or certain. Epics needs but for the most part we think we're pretty well positioned. We've still got -- utilization. -- more equipment we can. We can it did for us if it drives. A significant level and domestically we can move that -- them. Okay -- at the credit crisis. How how well position -- you as far as the credit for the coming year in the near term. Well you know we just -- a news -- And September 1 August 1 things who's in office. -- -- -- -- Yeah he's been working several banks and net and fuels we're confident we're going to. You we really we were set up from a capital standpoint via sixty million dollar company network 200 million dollar company so. That really causes us says. I have to go back and we look -- The banking situation over. The perspective -- we've got some support -- -- -- -- -- so he's very confident that we. It will be able to view of that. -- -- a thing in a manner where we've got plenty of liquidity. For a -- nine. And we've still got the ability to grow a little bit. Maybe acquire a few small things are -- pieces that it would business -- -- well. And and be well positioned for a you know for a return to. Two I think. When you look at the commodity prices I don't think they'll be there today I didn't think could be where they -- at a hundred dollar -- either so I think. Somewhere in the middle of that. It's -- -- level that we were working -- and you know returned of that home willingness. -- -- -- -- It's and it's has tremendous name recognition especially for a company the size -- that helped you. I think it's it's a tremendous asset it wasn't speaking last week in New York guys. Man that would that contains the name of that company that's. -- I had never hope it and they said that from the standpoint of we're financial people maybe don't understand you know that they're changing speeds and -- Matthews founded the company. Inside the oil field you -- you go out to any company -- -- beginning but it is involved in operations. You know. The first question they ask is what we're going through this intensive safety briefing regardless reports problem well. Because this in this in this can happen and if it does we'll have these problems what happens when you have a problem with executes. And so miserable -- -- Mexicans then you get unnatural. You people would not have not been in the industry at all. No about the company and what we do how we do it so its name recognition is good especially if it's positive -- we obviously. I think one of them -- Parts of our story is people think -- a response only company and that's response today. Even though it's from revenue standpoint is very consistent where we've been over the last. -- -- -- It's less than 10% of our business that's -- where you're seeing the growth -- you know we see. Yeah you'll see when your -- is a little bit stronger than another and we feel that as we continue to expand. Geographically. We you know we picked up. Certain -- certain things we might not have been involved and before but I thank you know there's a little bit of expansion opportunities our market share in this business but. You know I don't know -- you have it poured out there you go sell it you know. I think it's just comes to being you know where the customer needs an -- those relationships and we have -- prevention and guess who they're gonna call him. -- absolutely. Well final question what are your what are your plans what are your goals for 2009. I think if we -- get through 09 domestically. You know flat to maybe a little not -- a tremendous amount. That would be great for us I think our international business we will -- -- -- and that simply because we've got tenders and contracts and things were working on. It that we feel no doesn't put a big holes to -- big -- -- your bills come up but we've got some big project hopefully -- -- behind him. And will be able to do that. And and I -- I don't think from a market standpoint we're getting credit market for where we're at today five quarters of record growth. -- record year -- size of the company. And I think. -- the -- that the mineral listening to that so they're not here in our success or not -- the changes that we made and hopefully. We can change that in in room nine such that. You know we traded in multiples -- -- partners. Terry thanks for taking time to see guys --

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