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Would you be opposed to drilling in the air and what is your stance on drilling but -- -- -- right importance of doing wrong answers. Thank you very much. Has -- yeah wells. For a 150 years. And in the last. Probably decades. Many many vertical wells have been drilled in I sandstone formations and they cracked. So it's not like there's just something that was invented for the Marcellus Shale made clear it is. There is nobody in the industry and it just. -- before the house. Environment committee yesterday. Who voted yes to disclosing. The contents. Of the track flu. In fact you don't need -- -- and you can see what's been. Track flu and major suppliers. For the. There's somebody made that. Important didn't and there's something -- and the boys and and yeah -- divinity. In many different instances. You can't just say. Banning things -- engine and any exposure because it is. Please stop putting gasoline in your car. You're probably. Or the ability of -- every time fellows here yes. So you. Then we're gonna talk about right. And one thing to keep in mind -- when -- well -- drilled. The first part of the drilling. -- is air rotary drilling. It's just like somebody -- -- It's not. It's not -- The big order holes through we'll it is it's in here girl -- you know -- Below us. Water. And that when that happens. Case the well in this part of the state and as part of our whole play. Again is almost pure madness. He may wonder. Why there's a lot of activity. Here. Frankly that is good game. -- get here. And benzene. Is that containment Colby Harris. -- benzene -- -- benzene. Rangers I mean in other words when we. Permit the compressor stations -- play in this area. They're -- have to use -- lose. Column where it didn't senator law. Couple weeks ago and he certainly. Why so many ex -- people. Work repeat. That is not just me it's water quality people people who Reagan didn't -- quality program and whether or. And and it is the answer and I think it's true because. -- -- kind of attitude they wanted to do it right. We wanted to develop again there's no doubt about it and we think it's a valuable resource Politico. But we're committed to do it right away. -- -- Indy. Having. Little. Imply that either directly or through contractors. So that is -- rolled out.

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