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Opening Session, Part 8

Tue, 9 Sep 2008|

Q&A from the floor during the Oil Sands Heavy Oil Technologies Conference 2008 opening session continues.



I. Yeah. Did you get we have time for one more question that please identify yourself and let us know where -- from. Top yes gentlemen my name is an. Plea of -- I -- actually two questions for -- Things I hope to hear about number one news this discussion of carbon tax -- I wonder has there been -- discussion. About an energy tax. Why do we -- people you're burning energy created from Harvard. Should pay more than people who benefit from new solar or Hydro electric or other regions. I think that we should encourage our populations to conserve energy everywhere. Perhaps. There is room for an energy tax just cart. At like to hear -- response that. The second thing is that I was -- and here's something about infrastructure and transportation. Growing up as discussed and it seemed that everything that we bought everything we sold. Had a huge transportation costs -- And when we see yet things like the panel -- -- basically. And the Chinese involvement in the shipments from in this well is there any consideration. Marketplace is changing dynamics of transportation. And I don't know if there's carlin's act like here's something in this conference thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Five questions that -- uses conversation starters in the webcast might take a look at that. That's and then -- -- -- the the energy tax versus carbon tax or infrastructures changes. -- -- On the energy tax. Question I have -- without public policy perspective. It seems to me that. With with a higher energy costs that we do have record -- Forty dollars. Girl roughly and gases that look at twelve dollars and plan B use. That that present some incentive for. People who start. Conserving energy more than what they have. It energy tax or of that -- might -- more so you're probably from Europe and parts the world where there are already high. Energy taxes on gasoline and so on. Whether that's effectively. Accurately as maybe is shock treatment -- when it first comes in and then he used to it. On infrastructure transportation I can understand you -- that from Saskatchewan and Alberta as well. We're. -- landlocked that's reality. The geography we've got hired her art. -- geology little better than our geography I guess. So. You know having infrastructure to get product years is important pipelines are more most. Efficient ways to move. The curtain. Fluids in. They've been applied primarily to crude oils in the past and and natural gas -- I guess if we were ever to. Have more upgrading to more finished products it was suggested by an earlier question -- we would. Probably -- -- product pipeline system a major one to to get product. To a market. When -- difficulties with. With that type of approaches you have to point that pipeline. Certain market. -- it's gonna be delivered. Have the flexibility. Putting on the water and then see where it goes after that. -- your question transportation. One of the rules. If you -- law and transportation is a major cost. Is make -- shoes that what you're transporting as the highest possible volume per unit weight. That means don't shift -- raw materials. I'd be I did volume -- you collect the money. And charge and you get charged alas the -- so -- needles so many months. I guess from my perspective I'm not sure I understood your transportation question because I don't have -- to me today but -- ample pipelines that are. Currently in existence or in the planning. As things grow -- take things to the West Coast. It's -- situation develops there or there's some -- personal lines by Exxon. Their lines going all through the north part of US as well us down here and Calgary. So I'm not quite understood -- What your point was about that and we didn't have a slide perhaps or some discussion with. The statistics behind. On the energy tax. I guess the from my standpoint I'm not much on taxes period. Even though I am from the United States. I think that and more effective way to do that is to look at somewhat -- -- reward system. Brazil's gone through at least three rationing periods. Where they've actually allocated people a certain amount of energy that they're allowed to use in their home based on the square footage in the number of people. And they found tremendous. Energy efficiency that's come about. By that and what they did is rewarded people. If you hit those targets there was a penalty if you did not. -- there was no uniform tax on people. So I think those sorts of mechanisms or perhaps. Easier to enforce an easier if you. Regulate and going forward with the tax on energy it would I'm not sure how you would. Actually and administering let -- figure out who -- tax. Okay stick whispered just said not a couple minutes they're just now backing the Molson struck up to the exhibit also are now having not missing anything. -- have up. Special couple special presentation is to make and I like -- by Bob -- -- And wells president Chief Executive Officer to come to the stand to make this presentations. Welcome. To. Our second annual. -- sands heavy oil technology conference. I'd like to give you a little bit of background and and well we're a family owned company. That was started. By my wife who's sitting in the right rode her great. In the front row her great grandfather. Came out of the civil war. In Oil City, Pennsylvania and went to work for John. -- and -- So we've been in the business. A long time. We have the Oil City -- the newspaper. In after that. He bought. The brand new magazine called -- -- investor. We've he changed the name and moved to Tulsa in nineteen -- But that's what brings us in this oil patches. Is our lust for information. Technology and staying up -- an industry that I think is the most important and pervasive industry. In in the in the free world and in in in and I think we are proud to be involved with it and we're also very proud people like Bob -- Who. Has most of you know. Is has been our editor chief editor for a long time in chief leader and -- expertise in Bob is very humble. But he's wonderful and running these conferences and we're delighted. To to have him involved up here in Canada. Many of you may remember that Bob is the first. Person and the United States and in the world at that time. He give credit making Canada the number two in reserves behind Saudi Arabia. So I think Bob is is has been a supporter appear for a long time and we're delighted. To have our Canadian neighbors to. To the north having that great power in great reserve. It's a great break for Canada it's a great break for North America in the world so we're proud to be here for the show. And but at this time I would like to. Thank all our sponsors. For this year. Right now we'd like to recognize our two top sponsors. And of this show and they are are so over sponsor is ingrained and please welcome Tom. Go -- A pronounce I mean chief marketing officer. For this award time you come up please. Incidentally were always coming up I might mention that. Please go by and visit. This sponsor at their Booth it's -- number 201. Learn about their business. Okay thank you very much you think it. Thank you yours sir. Well thank you very much for players to -- the conference -- we're whether these companies bring some some new technology to the oil gas. To to you or oil sands area we have some. Some new ways to measure. To measure you gears of war and a predict. Some some rock properties that were always -- problem for -- so. So -- us stop our Booth we happy did tell you about thank you. Last but not least is. Two time. Sponsor for us they. Attend our shows all over the world -- room and we are fortunate to have with us. As our goal sponsor. The president of -- and Canada and the president Helstrom. US say mr. -- -- -- -- good today and we ask him to come up here -- except. A little plaque and memento from us. But we really appreciate Austin's commitment to all of panel shows. They're everywhere with those that are in in -- there and I've I see them all over. Thank you. This. Also -- provider of technology. I enjoyed the session. I think what we see today of the awesome and is -- -- we'll -- in the future. I think there are a lot of things happening in -- that -- Make the -- sense much more environmentally friendly. And by -- -- Being poured doesn't make you any better environmentally. So I think there are things we need to do but. Do them very correctly. So that we ensure the future. Generations to come. -- Thank you. Thank you again and please visit the ouster in Booth located at 301. I'm not turn it back to mr. -- And thank you for attending and hope to see on the floor. Thank you very much for your attendance we start tomorrow -- 8 o'clock in the morning with a keynote sessions in this room that please zealous keep the conversation going next during the exhibit -- thank you very much. Okay.

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