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Opening Session, Part 6

Tue, 9 Sep 2008|

Jim Hyne, HYJAY Research and Development, continues his opening session presentation during the Oil Sands Heavy Oil Technologies Conference 2008.



I. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- This is the one that really gets people -- Because we -- the -- emissions. Let's not forget. That the six point five billion analysts human beings who live on one there. -- New engines and New Orleans and millions of tons of Carbondale site. I've beat the mean. So maybe one of the things that -- should be. Origin. Is restoring in the bedroom. Let's -- the populations. It. And that's certainly applies in and so -- -- coming customers. For burning the oil and since -- Social disruption. Very much to. Four. Los. Compared -- -- And dot. Is what is most -- -- upon the public reaction. Will -- discussing this week in this building. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is wrong seem to be the rest of the world as -- but he has to turn. The -- the burning. -- Have we done anything recently it's -- a -- on the and the answer is yes. There are four examples of thinking outside the box. And they're not ancient like I -- The relatively new -- the companies and there of the ideas that the trotted them. Within the loss two -- three years it's they've become -- in the loss to the all of them. Aren't going in the right direction. The aren't thinking out of the box. But the league is north completely off the blocks there are -- may -- people in the business that we are -- in. Who are still thinking in the -- the box. -- the lid right off and get them there Spain's some money gets some -- going. And tell -- -- style block. Take some of the billions that he's -- in and putting them in the putting us in a better position as far cause. The future well -- because I don't think you know. -- -- -- Said essentially the same thing when he was awarded by whom by them options of all people. A mic for his work -- We just don't realize -- -- lucky -- And -- well in doubt -- And here is an old old so. I'll take a minute or two. Because I think -- keeping up that time. I'll take a minute or two to. Talk about this -- It's -- it did was patented their -- use our goal. 2530 years so the -- bezel. -- but look what it says. You use -- mother nature's. Formation. Instead of building. Iron and steel structures -- great -- you can't avoid it completely. But. As you see. You take. Steam. Water and not -- problem we have to address with the water comes from and how recycle -- we keep it clean. -- take that water. You take that Coke. Which we've just ignored completely it hasn't even been mentioned this afternoon that moved through the program and -- mentioned that who is mentioned that much. And we burn it partially. And yet -- of course which we can use to heat the water to -- steam. But we burn it to carbon -- monoxide not carbon -- -- We then take the steam with the carbon monoxide and we pump it into mother -- -- Production far from the formation. Under pressure. So now you have see -- and water but for those who remember the water action reaction. It -- if you put some catalyst there you may hide the return. Which is not -- inform or re act with the but to with the bitumen and increase the hydrogen to -- agree issue reduces -- Bossidy and make it flow. A hole but you make carbon dioxide putts but for -- Where -- you making the carbon dioxide. Underground. Keep it there. It's so -- that police quest. No -- very carefully chosen a whole bunch of words that people are trotting around -- -- this is what we must do we must -- charge fifteen dollars upon. You know for sequestering the carbon dioxide. Methods like this. Thinking outside the box. And there's no money in it for you but it's a solution -- hop. But nobody seems to -- interest. Or -- It was just -- hearing -- Because somebody wants to make a -- And provoking because I want to hear discussion. And sort of the organizers. Discussion of these outside the box right. Getting close -- -- three more slides. This one is the beginning of the roundup. And that you can see. I've made a number of points he -- that I think are relevant. Look at the night one I think it. By products. For the first time. To my knowledge. This is an oil this is it heavy oil sun conference where sulfur. Has appeared on the agenda that not only on the agenda but a whole half -- of papers and -- And there are millions and -- unions and billions of tons of sulfur in it. To date. We've been able to either stockpile -- at Fort McMurray. Ten million tons of -- on the ground though they probably not very environmentally friendly. And people like bill Kennedy X -- who will be speaking to use the after tomorrow. We'll tell you just how successful we have been in selling to China. But -- -- -- -- for up. The other points in there are just simply comparing. What has been with what we're going to -- more the differences between conventional. And -- it. You turned -- illegal it. -- -- -- one. Over -- -- -- -- you have turned it down under it's much. No my old eyes can read my notes. And I can get finished quickly that's for the audience and what should we focus -- If we want to think outside the box and think differently from how we think the -- conventional. Here are a bunch of IDS. And it's a waste of time for me to try and and both. -- -- statements that you can read them a lot quicker than I can conceive. -- -- -- Pointed out not. If you. Do not recognize. Where there are differences in the oil -- Then you're very likely to get stuck in the box and not do -- One of the most important other things. Is how -- you pops the message on to that the people who are walking the sidewalk outside who are reading the the media reports which are sometimes. I mean what's on -- all planes. Pretty provocative. Media don't but not much invested in other than the five. To get it a problem blowing so that they can sell the newspapers or the television. The language that we use is critical. Because the people. That's what democracy means -- most Othyus -- for power of the people power. They must understood -- And if leave the expert so called. Don't use a language they can under -- They and we will not communicate and that will be continued wars. Look hot. A pair of entries on this -- -- The law of supply and the -- applies to oil sons and oil. It just as much as it does too conventional oil. -- we the people the demands. Aren't we the industry the supply. If the people cut back their demand. -- in the industry will not tough to meet the supply. -- Scott is something that has simply not -- old. Through the public. And I think -- large part is because the language has been wrong. Big oil wants to make big profit out of a 145. Dollar quarrel oil. The people. Believe the stories about global warming that -- cooler -- The winner Nobel Prize often -- from. The people BV don't under it's done what we people are doing in the deal. We talk a language that do it might as well he he was -- could be. As far as their cuts. So. I set the ball thirty minutes. And it's thirty minutes. So there's my final -- It can be done. It will be out. The Chinese and the Indians hope -- long enough being 110 the standard of living that we in North America and Europe. Labeled the month the -- Soul dirty oil or not it's going to be burned by somebody somewhere somehow. And I strongly suggest the use that we in the heavy oil business couldn't do a better job in many ways if we. Get rid of all right the use of conventional loyalists immortal and start thinking a -- Heavy oil. I just yet another form of solar energy captured many millions of -- -- And which we can use in a much more responsible. Renewable and sustainable months. I hope you enjoyed -- conference rival but provoked you think. Okay. Okay.

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