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Opening Session Part 5

Tue, 9 Sep 2008|

Jim Hyne, HYJAY Research and Development, addresses the oil sands industry and its byproducts and how the pieces of the oil sands industry fit together during the opening session of the Oil Sands Heavy Oil Technologies Conference held July, 2008 in Alberta, Canada.



I. Okay. Okay. -- mine has more than a quarter century of experience in the oil -- industry and its by products. 1970 through 1988. He work with the Alberta oilsands technology and -- -- authority. He also has been a promoter of new uses for elemental -- since the 1960s. Who addressed the importance of taking a fresh look at how the pieces of the oil sands industry that together. And the questions that he raises today -- servers the framework for the closing session panel discussion -- webcast and told you about. On Thursday afternoon please welcome -- -- Thank you -- I hope that my voice is coming over you better than the echo coming back to -- for the lost our office being. But I found the presentation of previous two speakers very provoking for me. Which is exactly what I was hostages by -- to be in my. Few words that you. I will try and condense mine into. A short enough period so that you -- time for the most important part of all these conferences which is the discussion. I emphasize that because I was told to provoke without offense. And that's what I intend to do. So if you get fidgety in about ten minutes or so then -- and being successful. If you -- -- come up and beat you over the head halfway through my presentation that's even better. What's it'll offer like me doing standing up. And a platform talking to the young who of this great challenge of -- oil before -- I know what G -- -- -- for. How many of you do. -- One. Great Canadian oil sons. 1960 -- bought the stock -- box. I haven't even dared to work out what might capital gain would it be if it -- alone. -- -- -- -- -- I'm giving you this little history lesson because this is not a new business that you. Roger what what does that mean to you. Sacked the the known -- and mining ways of getting sold for getting. While silence to the surface and to the Pope. Just lead to see where what I wasn't -- slight. Which is the button to press -- The red one. -- -- -- Dirty oil. When we started -- this conference that -- hadn't even been used but the mayors of American cities. Politicians in south of the forty ninth file well don't like -- oil anymore. Well they want to buy from Hugo or from Osama bin Laden -- okay. Lying because we've got a great beat -- angry. One point four billion people waiting for our oil. What's I've got to do with this meeting -- do we get that oil from -- but Murray to Shanghai. Do we upgrade it at Fort McMurray send it through a pipeline to prince Rupert and across the Pacific to China. There's no shortage of market there. I was asked the other night as an old retired professor by a young couple who had grandchildren. Don't -- couple who -- grandchildren. What should we would -- to insist that the kind of an education issues. -- very simple. For their ground shall make damn sure that -- nuclear engineers and -- fluent in mind. You don't believe me. Wait and see. I'll talk about dirty oil more than once at soldier of -- to provoke you. But what is my main purpose here. I personally do not think and it's a very personal opinions that nothing to do with -- well -- duster. I checked that is to make sure that it was and see anything that that -- Although there corporate principles. I personally believe. Big oil has treated the -- -- Wrong. They are not conventional oil. Never wear and never will be. Yet we tried to squeeze royalty systems investment arguments and so on into an established. Conventional oil won't. And -- has led to all kinds of difficulties. And you've heard some of them from the first two speakers this more the soft and. What we should do and what I'm going to try and do for you in the next twenty minutes. Is to identify the similarities because obviously they're there they're -- sources of energy. Emphasize. These differences. But also identified -- the similarities. So that we can be selective of what we -- tried to take out of one regime into the other. Defining the consequences. Of these differences that we evident -- -- -- -- The way we handled Texas intermediate in North -- light is not suitable for the oil silence for the than in Venezuela. Or in Alberta -- in the many other smaller deposits around the world that you've already heard of the softer -- Enough to see one thing was treated for short -- guys like me. That's green is too far below and I can't see it. So I don't need a box this time -- So walks are also have to look at -- -- Entergy has gone through several ages and there they are on the -- We started burning -- Then we found that Cole had more calories per unit week. Then in 1948. John L Lewis took the coal miners out on strike. And the seven sisters were just waiting there at the pump. -- -- -- -- -- -- From the Middle East into the waiting arms of the western world. They and get we've -- not so much of not so wildly. Particularly in North America. China. Is too and hop India is one. And you wonder if we -- all the oil. That's a provocation. And I hope that -- -- you lots of discussions about seething energy. And in particular saving energy producing more -- -- In 1929. -- -- -- -- -- -- I and brother four. Showed us how to -- a little bit of the song where all our energy comes from a -- initially anyway. And bring little pieces it -- planet earth. And -- the sun deliver its energy directly to -- rather than sunlight. Three leafs did the falling down to fossilized station the recovery. Can we wait 500 million years for the next load of energy I don't think so not -- the rate of burning. All right. What is the Coleman. -- But we should be looking -- But aren't the same or different. When we can be it conventional oil. With heavy -- And by the we have got a new skills that I just wrote those sitting -- let me read -- -- Lost. -- Conventional oil. Heavy oil. Extra heavy oil super heavy oil. Oil sun bitumen. And dirty oil. That's -- -- skills from top the book. And don't forget. It's on the energy. So it would not know these lights are shining light on my bosses and -- can't you can read my own notes. The first is the energy consume. And -- you see. The three Coleman or -- -- sources. And then the slight tells the story. Conventional oil consumed with relatively little energy in making -- into usable from one. Mining. Is next and -- the his works well. -- -- butler didn't invent -- be in order deceive energy. He invented it for another thirty degrees which will come through the animal the mess that the mining makes. And the public of course responds. To what it looks like. They say the response that the cost as well. But my -- the price of oil has fallen from 25 dollars a -- 240. -- dollars a barrel in for a fight for years and they're still driving their cars and burning oil only -- So it's not -- the price. It's just we don't read it. Fuels. And -- Looked at these. These people who are walking in the street night -- -- say you're putting too much sealed to I don't -- but we're hoping. -- -- -- -- not we are definitely pumping out more. -- -- -- -- -- And no I haven't put numbers on it you these things -- -- want to get tied down. With you know is a 100000 -- 120 those it's -- it more -- The next. Of environmental and -- And the words at the bottom of these books. See much more. Convincingly yet opened my words from -- month but the environmental and pot. It's huge for money. All you have to do is to look at these aerial pictures taken -- Mildred late. Is that we we want to -- money. Everytime I fly -- the way native saw it in Scotland and London Edinburgh I see the cold tips. All the shall that be to go Nicole Lee -- a 150 years ago they're all nice -- builds them. But you know right away that they're not natural. -- too -- geometric. Is that going to be what we're going to look -- in in northern Alberta in a hundred years old nice -- off. -- slope built. With crossed through England and the buffalo. Mode to -- Juliet that drops everything will be fine. Except it won't look very natural. Okay.

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