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Keynote Address Part 1

Mon, 8 Sep 2008|

Bob Tippee, OGJ editor, introduces Len Webber, Parliamentary Assistant of Energy -- Alberta, as the first of three keynote panelists at the Oil Sands Heavy Oil Technologies conference in Calgary, July 2008.



I. Yeah. Last year -- open this session with a quote. And I'll start with a quote again now. The oil sands of Alberta present nearly every environmental and social problem associated with oil development and consumption. They also offer the immediate economic compulsion to find solutions. A -- us is a commercial scale laboratory from which energy companies governments environmental groups can learn much about managing the disadvantages. A Fossil Energy. In order to responsibly. Exploit the many advantages. Those words come from my favorite writer. -- -- them in the July 7 edition of oil and gas journal. And I suppose according myself as a -- surely churlish. But I of course believe what -- -- that passage and I believe the messages pertinent to this session. This conference. I'm also lazy and I didn't wanna take time you're not a new way to say something on. I do strongly believe that innovations developed tested and applied in places like with names like at the basket peace river and cold like. Eventually we'll be adapted operations of many kinds in places with names like Venezuela. Texas and Saudi Arabia. The knowledge and ideas exchanged in this conference room are important not just in Alberta and not just to the oil sands and heavy oil industry. There are important to all of the petroleum industry. And because the petroleum industry unpopular as -- in some quarters. Contributes mightily to the welfare of people -- and information emerges from this conference is important to all of humankind. In this keynote session you'll hear the government perspective from the -- government of Alberta. You'll hear -- here that the conference subject address from many perspectives. After all three panelists have made a presentation -- -- -- to get asked questions. And we do that please use the microphones set up in the center. Our first speaker is -- Len Webber parliamentary assistant of energy the province of Alberta. Mr. whoever was elected to a second term as a member of the legislative assembly on March 8 of this year. And receive the appointment to his energy position on -- well. He also serves as a member of the standing committee on resources. And environment and the chair of Calgary caucus. You can read more about mister -- in your program. Now please welcome mr. land -- Hello everyone. See a lot of smiling faces so there and a welcome you here today minister night. Energy mr. here from my helper is unable to -- -- he has asked -- to pass along his regrets. He told me what a great event this was last year and that. When he asked me to. Replace him I was more than happy to do so. So I'll begin by looking welcoming you to Albert and I don't know there's probably people from all over North America here. Don't know how many -- there are booked out for you who are not all burdens -- look and you hear. And if you haven't been here before the Calgary. Is home to the world famous Calgary stampede which just ended a few days ago when I don't know. How many people attended maybe just initial hands real quick here who went to Calgary stampede. -- it is not too -- -- view but tough. -- -- just happened to serve on the Calgary stampede board of directors and I just spent the last ten days of the event down at Calgary stampede for a ten to twelve hours today. At a great time went to every rodeo and every chuck wagon race and I've had my my. My hands full of I've had enough of rodeo now for another year. But it was a lot of -- -- -- -- welcome each and every one of you to come come back next year and then come to the Calgary stampede. So you may have missed all the excitement from. The stampede but I'm sure that you'll agree that the record breaking oil prices and the growing challenges surrounding. Resource development brings us our fair share thrills and and some. The oil sands and heavy oil technologies conference is an excellent excellent forum. For discussing the challenges and issues we all face. This is a great place to exchange knowledge to -- new ideas and share our distinct perspectives. We know that the world dependence on oil oil isn't going to goal away any time soon. As we prepare for even greater demand for energy. It's the energy sector and the oil producers. -- will have to make some changes in our approach to further resorts development. The theme for the conference sums it up very well. Stepping up preparation for growing expansion. This morning I wanna talk about -- Alberta stepping up. -- stepping up our responsibility to ensure our energy resources are developed responsibly. First let me paint you a quick picture of -- operatives energy resources. Alberta has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Energy in particular. For more than half a century the oil and gas sectors have been a pillar of Alberta -- economic growth. Alberta is home to the second largest source of proven crude -- reserves in the world. Second only to Saudi Arabia. Last year Alberta exported a -- one point 35 million barrels per day of crude oil to the United States. Supplying 13% of American crude oil imports. Canada is the largest largest crude oil supplier to the US head of Mexico. Ahead of Saudi Arabia and head of Venezuela. And three quarters of that comes from right here in Alberta. While many people know -- of ports oil -- We also have the third largest we are the third largest producers of natural gas in the world. In fact we produce -- 12% of the total gas consumed in the US. Energy resources have become a major economic driver. And as development grows so does a number of jobs created in the energy sector. Not just an Alberta but across Canada and the United States. Not just in the in energy sector but in other industries such as machinery and metal fabrication. Manufacturing and infrastructure development and construction. The country is also seen a growing experimental services sector. Environmental story and services sector as operators expand. More jobs have been created in the housing industry. And there have been considerable engineering opportunities created in Canada and abroad. Increasingly. Albert has been recognized as a major investment opportunity. And we continue to garner more liberal global attention. With people around the world taking notice. It's becoming more important than ever for -- to maintain a stable environment for investors. And at the same time it is vital that we ensure the environmentally responsible development of our oil sands. We're taking this responsibility very seriously. More than that we're taking action. There's probably no bigger environmental issue right now -- climate change. And while there's much talk about addressing the effects of climate change in reducing greenhouse gases. Alberta has moved beyond the talk and we are working towards some real solutions. Before continued. Like two that you view a clear view of Albert is greenhouse gas emissions. Okay. Okay.

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