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Shell presents deep water platform

Wed, 2 Jul 2008|



It's almost as the as the Eiffel Tower and the blazes matches 101000. -- costs. It's the hall of one of the world's deepest oil production facilities. And it's -- -- break here and pouring in and it began its -- to the United States where it will be fitted out to become part of Shell's most ambitious. Ultra deep water oil and gas project. -- -- regional development. As oil prices reached record highs of races on to produce tomorrow's oil from new and more -- style front -- -- environments. But -- Diego regional development will operate in the world today. That it's nearly half a mile deep than any of us. And when it comes on line towards the end of the decade it will be capable of producing some 100000. Barrels of oil a day. Seles so must be proud of new development of the Purdue you know -- from the Gulf of Mexico. It's the next evolution for shell in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a deep waters far production drilling platform it will be the deepest in the world when it goes into production. It's fantastic structure allowing -- to get into the deep water and to develop this precious resources that we find in this deep water Gulf of Mexico. The -- spot above will be linked to 22 -- on the see full. Extending more than 141000. Feet from the surface. And into the mud and rock beneath the -- a -- -- canyon. Oil would be brought to the surface against the extreme pressure of the deep water by 15100. Horsepower electric pumps. But the Diego regional development is destined to become the most remote producing platform. In the entire Gulf of Mexico region.

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