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EcoSolutions at Oil Sands '08

Fri, 1 Aug 2008|



Hello my name is JBA -- and I'm here at the 2008. And while oil sands and heavy oil technologies comes an exhibition. I'm -- energy's oil gas and Patrick and equipment and we're here today speaking with eco solutions international's -- bell about their -- quick 2000 product. Jim thanks for joining us and I'd like your little bit about how the product started because -- I don't think it happened in North America. Know your rights the product was initially invented some six years ago in Holland's. It was commissioned. For the textile industry where on looms you get grease and oil stains and in order to clean those effectively and in an environmentally friendly way. The inventor was commissioned. Two find a solution which he did and once he got. The -- Ready the textile industry had left Holland two Mexico India and China. So -- was holding this new. Products and six states. And adjusted its two something that is now -- -- widely used throughout Europe and the Far East. And mean and also Africa and the Middle East as a Hydro carbon clean. Cleaning agents to incident bio in -- -- it's an -- disbursement. And also a degree -- so that is roughly. In -- -- the history and where we stand right now big news at this point from North America at least is that your product is going to be available in the United States and North America and tell us about that. Corrects we are starting our first -- production upon -- in Flint, Michigan within about the next two weeks. And we have since. About three -- started marketing and and publicizing. This product. And bringing it to the attention of various sectors and particularly the borrowing costs and sector but also lubrication. -- and cleaning. And there a number of their various applications for this also. One very -- -- it exciting application is oil rigs be it onshore offshore. Refineries. Pipeline -- cleaning them big applications tank cleaning as well. So that's that sits in in -- -- so we went to get X going to be what the product is exactly how it works as far as as it involves fine okay. The product is basically -- nutrient. Which. Feeds microorganisms. Or bacteria which term all around us in the environment. Also in sewage systems. So it basically in simple terms it feeds. Who then in turn. Heats up or by a degrades hydrocarbons. And he's. Up to an extent of the full saturation. Upon which they die. Or alternatively if they don't find any hydrocarbons. They -- as well so. The residue. Of this process. Of the combination of hydrocarbons. Being fired degraded. By our corporate. The residues resolved in -- My new levels of carbon dioxide. And -- by amounts of the deceased. Microorganisms. Which of course are fully biodegradable. In Europe the big -- prompted -- which is what we are introducing here. Is this process the residues can be read of the disposed of in the open environment. That also in sewage systems where the by integration process continues because the same bacteria. Live there as well. And that opens new doors. And very exciting. Prospects for marketing here. The other big advantage we have is that our nutrients the -- -- 2000. Really only becomes effective with the minimum dilution of fresh water and sea water. -- fifty to one. That is for heavy Greece. -- integration and to dissolve the heavy Greece. If we are dealing with lights -- petroleum or life or oil. We can the dilution rate can be pushed up to 102 on. If we are. If we have fantastic -- -- -- We can further increase the dilution and with heat. Up to a 114 degrees centigrade which is roughly 200 MET Fahrenheit. We can practically triple the dilution rate. So that gives us a usage pricing. Which is extremely competitive to all the commonly used. Alkaline cleaner is the hazardous and Citic. -- -- -- phosphates. And it's anything that's out there currently used. Throughout the industry. That's that's it is. Pretty much the story. -- very green product very good for the oil industry. Salt water is -- very important especially on the offshore situations that you get you've got a product that that works well in both kinds of water so that's extremely important. We've had one. Small. Observation. Our inventor who is dutchman. Mean had a video presenting this product. Where he actually we drank. The -- quick diluted with water. To show how environmentally friendly it was. We our legal counsel advised us strongly. Not to. Not to apply that here in this continent. That's it is it completed the harmless it says does not affect any plants or -- -- whatsoever. You can -- wash your hands we use it extensively in Germany and Holland. To clean now oiled birds it does not contain ethanol. And it does not to leave any residues as products that are commonly used here in North America do. And it has this high concentrates. Which makes it extremely desirable. For a transportation. For warehousing. For an immediate applications on site applications and and that those are advantages that. With the performance that we offer. I mean we have not -- come across and he. Any real. Competitors who have that combination of advantages. In other cleaners that are offered today. -- a product will be available in North America very shortly and we just have your website at the end of this interviewed yes we thank you for joining us here in Calgary and look forward to additional information on our -- 2000. Also one more observation I'd like to just share with the viewers his. That on our website which is WWW. Because solutions -- and T dot com. We have. Added didn't extensive list of research reports issued by very dominant Dutch universities. That show toxicity levels and -- We are very happy to provide any type of information. Certifications. International maritime. Organization certifications -- centrist centro which we have. Which most of our competitors. Are hesitant to presents. Or do not present so. That. We welcome anybody looking at our web sites and that tells the story and also the video that we are. That we have prepared painstakingly. To show the process and the various applications. Mr. rebel thank you so much I think you're just released an oil sands and we we'll have more information on -- -- 2000. At our website and at their website also. Thanks for joining us.

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