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Alstom at Oil Sands '08

Fri, 1 Aug 2008|

Oil Sands and Heavy Oil Technologies Conference Gold Sponsor Alstom is showcased as a global leader in equipment and services for power generation and rail transport. Derek MacDonald, Director of Business Development presents Alstom's integral involvement in oil sands and heavy oil technologies.



Good morning my name is JBA -- time with an energy dot -- oil gas and Patrick and equipment. We're here in Calgary Canada at the -- while oil sands and heavy oil technologies conference and today we're gonna visit with -- MacDonald -- director of business development for house them the gold sponsor for this particular event. And maybe we went up to hear about is how Austin's role in oil sands and have real technology recovery so Derrick thank you for coming and joining us today. Passionate tell us a little bit about well. Outcomes role in oil sands also has been around -- -- -- some kind of for since 1960s. Building utility plants were also been involved Phil -- Since 1980. Of course Alston is. A full service -- engineering manufacturing construction and maintenance company for power and steam generation equipment. -- that we've been involved oil sense since 1980 we've. And involved with suncor -- -- and sinkers and shell. From the from the beginning fighting steam generation equipment. Which -- spoilers -- who runs. Steam turbines. And and addition to steam generation equipment on -- plants and hydrogen plants. Currently we're in the process delivering submission emission control equipment. This entry for their who got socialization. So Boston's. -- A long history with -- sense. Been involved in her team to focus on future growth opportunities mainly around. During the -- fuels and mission. Control equipment for Sox -- -- and. Particularly assumed to. Steam generation equipment which is one of your specialties. How does it differ in the oil -- process stand and say in just in typical power generation situation. One reality TV it's actually quite similar there's to file applications. Basically. We do -- -- fossil fuels. Basically. And that we produce steam the pressures and the temperatures -- with a different utility operations is still also -- -- -- smaller. But in reality it's it's the same technology the same application. -- just very the size of footprint which Alston has done over over the a long long time. The other thing is oil -- a very unique process obviously and and you started in 1980 so you've been around since the very beginning have the challenges changed any since 1982 what's going on presently at hand and say the Fort McMurray -- -- the biggest question is so there's two issues that have. Cropped up the last ten years. One is the price of fuel and that's mainly natural gas and -- others cost of construction of -- and both areas that were involved with so we've been spending a lot of work. -- trying to. Provide solutions that school allow companies use of alternative. Lower cost fuels other than natural gas not -- -- -- to be a dollar did you jewel in the 80s90s. And almost early 2000 and hit two dollars and now it's thirteen dollars and -- -- -- -- In most cases for a large. Number of companies -- -- gases -- largest operating cost and we -- that is an issue and trying to dress up by the up. By providing equipment and solutions to. To burn. Some of the waste to fuels like technical specialty things of that nature which all the natural gas to be used for. More value added. We appreciate your sponsorship of this Pamela -- and Alston power dot Alston dot com is the web side. And we have we think Derek and Austin for their support and look forward to seeing them and many more oil sands. Thank you -- isn't much appreciated --

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