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NC Services at Oil Sands '08

Fri, 1 Aug 2008|



Well this is JBA -- with oil gas and Patrick and equipment and -- an energy dot com at the 2008 oil sands and -- -- technologies conference. Today we're talking to Lynn Tucker with the NC services group of companies about their oil -- applications. -- and thanks for joining us thank you tell us a little bit about your company and how it's evolved. Clark company -- was formed some twenty years ago by -- two gentlemen. That that we're out of hay river out any river in the northwest territories here -- shipbuilding barge building and had a few cranes that they shipped Edmonton. And they operated very successful company for twenty years and two years ago we -- bought out. By a capital investment group private equity group from Seattle that put us together with. A group of other companies. The first first acquisition and it was a one creating Grand Prairie Alberta this more into the committee -- drilling and gas. This second acquisition was trans tech is a transport company so we got both horizontal and vertical transport with the trucks and the cranes. And we recently moved into the US with -- Transport anchoring. Which is a 5050 company half greens have transport that does a lot of wind energy and refinery work. In no place like Billings Montana. And soda springs Idaho and Green River, Wyoming so we've been enough. Very very. Going on a really high speed. Trained by and lots of equipment. -- -- acquisitions and are all sense clients are. -- crude suncor. -- Nixon. We do both projects and maintenance work we were heavily involved with -- -- -- horizon project in -- -- sense it was. It's still under way they'll probably have oil out of -- pipe. Next summer. At least say maintenance land. There's a difference between project management and actually maintaining an oil sands atlas project can can you explain that -- little political tendencies abilities. What's the plant is operating they have. A lot of equipment that wears out to various speeds. -- like face -- mind tar sands. In a -- in the winter comes out of the ground in -- huge frozen masses of sand -- oil. They used rushers to break it all up and it's a fine fine grinding compound that just eats equipment. So they have to change the size there's chains all these things some of them are on -- Four times a year turnaround it's quite a large job it it operates 24 hours a day so we -- some big -- take these things apart. They clean them all up put in new parts and put them back together but they do that also in operating and all the various processes of annual sand but that's in the mind side of it where they actually dig it we do a lot of work with the sag DR -- -- -- Where they move it out -- in place so they're injecting steam into the ground to loosen the oil from the sand so there's two pipes. Running horizontally above each other. So esteem in the talks loosens it all up -- -- oil just gravity drains in the bottom and they pump it -- with pump -- like you would see in California. Oklahoma. Same sort of stuff. You told me you're the crying guy yeah so let's talk a little about the cranes because that apparently your passion and and just -- are we gonna take you shots of the -- but tell me about the specialties have -- -- C as far as the current. But we've -- have a very modern fleet we've. Crawler cranes 300 -- in smaller those are very -- -- maintenance project they're quick to move their old brand new leader cranes from Germany. We've got a lot altering cranes up to 500 -- in -- existing fleet we go 2000 time. It's culmination -- the LG there wasn't very many in the world made. But it's really get in -- wind business and it works well around the process plants flare stacks if you need to reach things more than 500 feet tall. That's the one you want. Internet -- you have to give -- to 32 pitch what is -- C bring to oil sands operations in your opinion. I think what we bring is innovative solutions. You know we're solution based company we try and help our clients. Optimize the use of the cranes and now we're not a big company we're -- are not the biggest but when we get. Our investment group and the four companies together we do have the capacity. I went there myself it's just about twelve months ago. I was recruited from another company and -- I was excited to get there when I saw the energy of the investment group plus when I saw the plan. I was happy to get there and we want to be a tier one supplier that can work this thing through from. -- beginning of the project stage and breakthrough startup and have a maintenance contract at the end just by providing solutions to our clients. Your information person was telling me as we arrange this interview that. Last year you weren't even on. More acquisitions and more innovations to come from -- NC company. -- yeah we're we're very very active we have. A good group of people we put together processes policies and -- corporate governance. We've got -- accounting group it's growing like crazy -- and operations can't quite understand that but it's there and out. No I mean I'm excited to deal sends a huge opportunity. For a Canadian business -- worldwide I would say because there's not the capacity here to possibly Texas sustain. The next twenty years -- growth when we see. Those billions of barrels of oil coming out of the ground it's exciting times to be here. We're glad to tell our readers and our viewers. And our subscribers about MC group companies and and we appreciate your time land and will be checking with you next year to see if -- -- for fifteen to two thank you thanks for your time.

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