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Lpg Market

Lpg Market news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Lpg Market latest and archived news and articles

  1. Special Report: Worldwide Gas Processing: Stability of LPG markets threatened by world events

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Jun 2011

    plays, but global LPG markets have been tighter than ..... factors have made the LPG market outside the US tight ..... stability of the global LPG market . Ongoing public protests ..... Gertz outlook for LPG markets through 2014. Global ..... details the regional LPG markets ; Fig. 3 shows LPG demand

  2. SPECIAL REPORT: Global LPG markets react to high oil prices

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Jun 2008

    regions have all affected global LPG markets and trade. LPG production ..... have been affected. Global LPG markets are experiencing high absolute ..... demand growth is expected. The LPG market in Southeast Asia is much ..... both of which have mature LPG markets with high penetration in the

  1. Special Report: Worldwide Gas Processing: Global LPG markets begin recovery from recession

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Jun 2010

    Pricing in global LPG markets has fluctuated wildly in the ..... experience is that the global LPG market is more complex now than it ..... 2009. The second largest LPG market was for petrochemical feedstocks ..... autogas) was the next largest LPG market in 2009 at about 22 million

  2. Special Report: Global turmoil reaches international LPG markets

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Jun 2009

    have affected global LPG markets and trade. Despite the ..... The balance of the LPG market is relatively small but ..... petroleum products. The LPG market is typically cleared ..... oversupply for the premium LPG markets . LPG demand increased


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 31 Dec 1990

    dominant price influences in U.S. LPG markets , But if the Middle East erupts in war ..... says in a study of North American LPG markets . The Houston firm predicts spot prices ..... s price forecasts. The company says LPG markets are discounting harsh rhetoric "in

  4. Shale gas development altering LPG demand, trade

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Jun 2013

    Energy Insight Houston The LPG market in the US is experiencing ..... important to the future of the LPG market . Increased LPG supply will ..... global residential-commercial LPG markets . We also expect large amounts ..... Apr. 5, 2011. 2. World LPG Market Outlook, IHS Energy Insight

  5. Asia, North America lead way in growth of NGL, LPG trade

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 12 Jan 1998

    supply and demand are under way in Asia and North America. LPG markets in the 1990s reflect a rapidly shifting balance between East ..... collapse in prices occurred, demonstrating the volatility of the LPG market . The next several years could continue to be fairly volatile

  6. Netherlands company invests in Pakistan LPG market

    Online Articles

    Fri, 28 Jul 2000

    SHV entered the Pakistani market in 1996 by investing in a local LPG marketing company. The proposed deregulation of the LPG market and privatization of public entities in the energy sector will provide the impetus and environment that is now needed to generate

  7. Thailand prepares to deregulate LPG market prices

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 16 Nov 1998

    The outstanding balance in the oil fund is 3.6 billion baht. According to Metta, two approaches to deregulating the LPG market are under consideration. The first is to decontrol the ex-refinery price initially and the retail prices later. The method

  8. LPG market dynamics on brink of change, study says

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Oct 2012

    Global LPG trade, generally supply-driven in the past and likely to continue to be, is nonetheless seeing sharp changes in its dynamics, according to a report recently compiled by FACTS Global Energy, Honolulu.

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