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Improved Oil Recovery

Improved Oil Recovery news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Improved Oil Recovery latest and archived news and articles

  1. Producing Horizontal Wells Horizontal wells prove versatile for improved oil recovery

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 11 Dec 1995

    applications illustrates the improved oil recovery potential of this technology. Canada has been a pioneer in IOR with horizontal wells since the late 1970s. Improved oil recovery ( IOR ) horizontal well applications

  2. Offshore, IOR best hopes for stemming Canada’s conventional oil decline

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 12 Jun 2006

    in offshore exploration and in improved oil recovery ( IOR ) technology offer the best hope ..... technology Technology advances in IOR offer the best hope of stemming ..... renewed commitment to R&D in IOR . A 1 percentage point increase

  1. Norway approves Tordis IOR project

    Online Articles

    Wed, 21 Dec 2005

    Statoil ASA received approval from the Norwegian government for a 2 billion kroner improved oil recovery ( IOR ) project at Tordis oil field in the North Sea. The IOR project, scheduled to start in the second half of 2006, is expected to boost

  2. Special Report: EOR/Heavy Oil Survey: POINT OF VIEW: SPE IOR conference chair laments lack of R&D funds

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 Apr 2010

    Petroleum Engineers Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, to be held ..... recovery with EOR- IOR R&D, he observed ..... greater interest in IOR -EOR as a game-changing ..... gas plays will make IOR and EOR sexy again ..... general chair of the 17th Improved Oil Recovery Symposium (www.speior

  3. IOR -EOR now offers lowest-cost reserves additions

    Online Articles

    Tue, 22 Apr 2008

    presentation at the 16th SPE/DOE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, Apr. 21 in Tulsa ..... Tulsa, estimated that IOR -EOR could add reserves for ..... Sandrea also said the target for IOR -EOR remains huge. His estimate ..... without expanding the use of IOR -EOR methods, the ultimate

  4. Progress in IOR technology, economics deemed critical to staving off world's oil production peak

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Aug 2003

    permanent decline. Improved oil recovery ( IOR ) encompasses enhanced ..... sense, by the terms IOR and EOR. A workable ..... Engineers' International Improved Oil Recovery Conference in Kuala ..... among others. "The IOR term followed, but

  5. In-depth gel shows promise in Daqing IOR pilot

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 11 Jul 2005

    flooding and is a viable improved oil recovery process for the Daqing ..... crosslinker. The assessment of improved oil recovery has to rely on the two ..... favorable economics and improved oil recovery of the Daqing pilot has led ..... markets, designing chemical IOR projects, researching

  6. Symposium focuses on IOR technology advances

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 20 May 2002

    Engineers and US Department of Energy 13th Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery last month in Tulsa. Water, steam, and carbon dioxide ..... Venezuela. Simultaneous water-alternating-gas improved oil recovery in Siri field off Denmark, the subject of a paper by

  7. Statoil starts Gullfaks fields oil production

    Online Articles

    Thu, 8 Feb 2007

    Skinfaks field and has implemented improved oil recovery techniques to boost oil output ..... Rimfaks production before the IOR project was approximately 17 ..... million boe for Skinfaks and the IOR part of Rimfaks. The recovery ..... 47% with Skinfaks-Rimfaks IOR . Statoil said, "When all


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 Aug 1991

    reservoirs. DOE asked for comments by Sept. 6 on draft documents that would invite private companies to demonstrate improved oil recovery technologies. The department will conduct a hearing on the draft "program opportunity notices" Aug. 27 in

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