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  1. Formation mineral content key to successful sandstone acidizing

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 30 Aug 1999

    formation. Clay stability Clay decomposition in HCl (hydrochloric) acid is a recent, important ..... minerals should be considered unstable in HCl acid. Zeolites are very unstable in acid ..... temperature. Halliburton researchers pumped HCl acid into a long column with illite dispersed

  2. Calcium carbonate LCM damages certain formations in Qatar

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Jan 2001

    dolomitic bio-micrite. Corresponding HCl solubilities of the formation samples range ..... psi, before treating the 15% sample with HCl (Fig. 4). Click here to enlarge image ..... 4-6). Following treatment with 15% HCl , two wormholes broke through the outlet

  1. Saudi Aramco optimizes acid fracturing in the Khuff carbonate reservoirs

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Feb 2002

    originally designed straight and emulsified 28% HCl acids. Oriented perforations have reduced ..... treatment called for about 30,000 gal of 28% HCl , with a slightly larger pad volume required ..... stage consisted of 32,000 gal of 28% HCl acid. Saudi Aramco performed the acid


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Jul 1993

    related failure caused by hydrochloric acid ( HCl ) attack (Fig. 1). Affected components ..... these chloride salts hydrolyze to form HCl . Of these salts, NaCl is the most heat ..... program can be implemented to deal with the HCl evolved. Ammonia, morpholine, or higher

  3. Range posts Marcellus shale fracing disclosure

    Online Articles

    Fri, 13 Aug 2010

    gal/1,000 gal water. • 1,133 gal HCl acid, 139 gal/frac stage not diluted and 2,000 gal ..... 10 gal/1,000 gal water. • 607 gal HCl acid, 139 gal/frac stage not diluted and 1,000 gal ..... 10 gal/1,000 gal water. • 544 gal HCl acid, 139 gal/frac stage not diluted

  4. New correlation predicts dewpoints of acidic combustion gases

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Feb 2010

    flue gases containing SO 3 , SO 2 , NO 2 , HCl , HBr, and H 2 O. Dewpoint temperature is ..... typical flue gas (SO 3 = 3 ppm (vol); HCl = 300 ppm (vol); H 2 O = 30 vol %), the H 2 SO 4 and HCl dewpoints are about 136° and 72° C., respectively


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Feb 2015

    C/°F and specific gases (such as Ozone, Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, NO2, NO, H2S, SO2, O2, Cl2, HCl , HCN). Headquartered in Shelton, CT (USA), manufacturing and service is also performed in Ireland, with additional support

  6. Petrochemical Report Revamp of Ukraine VCM plant will boost capacity,Lreduce emissions

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 13 May 1996

    generation. The offgases are sent to the HCl recycle unit. Raw EDC (99.5% pure ..... the organic phase and offgas are sent to HCl recovery. The dry bottoms from the dewatering ..... product from the vacuum column also is sent to HCl recovery. Section 3 The purified EDC is


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Jan 1994

    following reactions: NH4CL(S) = NH3(G) + HCL (G) (1) NH4HS(S) = NH3(G) + H2S ..... partial pressures of, respectively, NH3, HCl , and H2S in the vapor phase (see Nomenclature ..... even when the stream has a small amount of HCl , as long as the NH3 partial pressure is


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 Apr 1991

    initially stimulated with 5,000 gal of 20% HCl acid and 15,000 gal of emulsified 28% HCl acid. This job increased production from 12 bo ..... treatment. The upper shale is almost inert in HCl acid, and the fracture created during the acid

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