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Gas To Liquids

Gas To Liquids news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Gas To Liquids latest and archived news and articles

  1. Gas -to -liquids projects gaining momentum as process list grows

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Jun 1997

    Shell is nearest to full scale gas - to - liquids production. Although it produces ..... technology, and advances in gas - to - liquids (GTL) technology and economics ..... Okla., which has developed a gas - to - liquids process as a small pilot and

  2. Second group eyes gas -to -liquids membrane process

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 15 Sep 1997

    first and most expensive step in gas - to - liquids processes. Norway's Den norske ..... the race to develop the best gas - to - liquids technologies gathers momentum ..... announced a plan to develop jointly a gas - to - liquids unit that can be mounted on a

  1. Underdog Rentech furthers gas -to -liquids plans

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 9 Oct 2000

    acquired early this year, to a gas - to - liquids facility employing proprietary ..... from a methanol plant to a gas - to - liquids (GTL) plant. . Once the conversion ..... emblematic of the inevitability of gas - to - liquids as a key 21st century technology

  2. Underdog Rentech furthers gas -to -liquids plans

    Online Articles

    Fri, 25 Aug 2000

    Commerce City, Colo., from a methanol plant to a gas - to - liquids plant. Once the conversion is complete, Sand Creek ..... experiencing is emblematic of the inevitability of gas - to - liquids as a key 21st century technology. "GTL is in a transition

  3. Contract let for Uzbek gas -to -liquids plant

    Online Articles

    Wed, 14 Dec 2011

    Uzbekistan GTL LLC has extended an existing services contract of Technip for front-end engineering design of a gas - to - liquids plant 40 km south of Qarshi in Uzbekistan. This plant will be based on Sasol’s GTL technology and be able to produce

  4. Syntroleum to study gas to -liquids plant for Chile

    Online Articles

    Wed, 29 Aug 2001

    Empresa Nacional del Petroleo (ENAP) and Advantage Resources International Inc., Denver, to study a 10,000 b/d gas - to - liquids plant for Chile. The plant would be at the ENAP-owned Cabo Negro Industrial Park near Punta Arenas. The proposed

  5. Shell completes gas to liquids fuel trial in California

    Online Articles

    Tue, 26 Oct 2004

    By OGJ editors HOUSTON, Oct. 26 -- Shell International Gas Ltd. said the results of a gas to liquids (GTL) fuel trial in California affirm that GTL fuel has a role to play in the long-term transition to renewable fuels. "This

  6. Conoco to build $75 million gas -to -liquids demonstration plant

    Online Articles

    Mon, 14 May 2001

    demonstration plant in Ponca City, Okla., to commercialize the company's proprietary technology for converting natural gas to liquids . Converting natural gas into liquids could enable economic development of stranded gas reserves estimated at more

  7. Chevron, Sasol agree to create gas -to -liquids joint venture

    Online Articles

    Tue, 17 Oct 2000

    Chevron Corp. and South Africa's Sasol have agreed to create a 50:50 joint venture, Sasol Chevron Holdings, for gas - to - liquids (GTL) technology development, Chevron said Monday. Chevron and Sasol plan to invest more than $5 billion over

  8. Steady growth forecast for US gas -to -liquids products

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 May 2000

    Click here to enlarge image Total production of gas - to - liquids (GTL) products in the US was estimated at a value of $92 billion last year and is expected to reach nearly $120 billion by

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