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Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Federal Reserve latest and archived news and articles

  1. Federal Reserve Bank economists see weak rebound in oil jobs

    Online Articles

    Mon, 18 Jun 2001

    employment as of December 2000 lagged 10.9% below its peak, said two analysts at the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. "Job growth in oil and natural gas extraction remains surprisingly weak," Robert W. Gilmer and

  2. MARKET WATCH: Prices rise on hopes Fed, EU solve financial woes

    Online Articles

    Wed, 21 Sep 2011

    products rebound slightly Sept. 20 on hopes the Federal Reserve Bank will again move to stimulate the stock market and that ..... chances of another liquidity injection by the US Federal Reserve ,” said Olivier Jakob at Petromatrix in Zug, Switzerland

  1. MARKET WATCH: Crude prices sag as rally fails

    Online Articles

    Tue, 11 Dec 2007

    ahead of the Dec. 11 meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, the policy-making arm of the Federal Reserve Bank . The Federal Reserve is widely expected to lower its key 4.5% rate by at least a quarter of a percentage point at that

  2. MARKET WATCH: Crude oil prices, Bernanke's speech both flat

    Online Articles

    Fri, 26 Aug 2011

    neared the East Coast and analysts waited to hear what Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Ben Bernanke would say in a much-anticipated ..... against most expectations, Bernanke proposed no new Federal Reserve program to strengthen the US economy during his Aug. 26 speech at the Kansas City

  3. MARKET WATCH: Crude oil price climbs; gas falls lower

    Online Articles

    Thu, 4 Nov 2010

    expected drop in US oil inventories and the anticipated Federal Reserve Bank decision to pump more “quantitative easing” (QE ..... dropped 0.9%. The broader markets rallied after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced a plan to buy $600 billion of Treasuries of the next

  4. MARKET WATCH: Crude oil, natural gas prices climb

    Online Articles

    Wed, 24 Aug 2011

    on the New York market in anticipation of another Federal Reserve Bank economic stimulus program that will weaken the US dollar ..... s 500 Index jumped 3.4% “on hopes that the Federal Reserve will step in to save the battered economy with a third round

  5. Higher energy prices not causing inflation yet

    Online Articles

    Wed, 23 Aug 2006

    absorb any impacts so far, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago said on Aug. 22. Economic growth is slowing ..... they did increase, it would be incumbent on the Federal Reserve to adjust policy in a way that would affirm our commitment

  6. Latest oil price cycle offers lessons, insights

    Online Articles

    Tue, 20 Jun 2000

    the US market, says a senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas. In the June issue of Houston Business, published by the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, senior economist Bill Gilmer said that

  7. Fed: Economic diversification muffles oil price effects in US

    Online Articles

    Mon, 7 Aug 2000

    effects of oil prices, say economists with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. This has, to a great degree, shielded ..... economics and microeconomic policy analysis for the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, and Mine K. Yucel, regional and energy

  8. MARKET WATCH: Fed's QE2 fails to stimulate markets

    Online Articles

    Tue, 16 Nov 2010

    flat as concerns continued to build over the US Federal Reserve Bank ’s second round of quantitative easing (QE2). Oil ..... Capital Partners LLC in Houston, said, “The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s general economic index fell to 11.1 in November

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