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  1. Alon USA Energy restarts FCCU at Big Spring, Tex., refinery

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    Tue, 30 Sep 2008

    Energy Inc., Dallas, has restarted the 24,000 b/d fluid catalytic cracking unit ( FCCU ) at its 70,000 b/cd refinery in Big Spring, Tex. The FCCU , damaged in a fire on Feb. 18, is operating at planned rates and will enable the sour


    Magazine Articles

    Tue, 12 Jan 1993

    for the fluid catalytic cracking unit ( FCCU ) compressor at Petroleo Brasileiro SA ..... former surge problems. BACKGROUND The FCCU at the Presidente Bernardes refinery employs ..... the compressor is fed not only from the FCCU reactor, but also from other sources having


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Nov 1994

    000 b/d fluid catalytic cracking unit ( FCCU ) at Petroleos Mexicanos' idle Azcapotzalco ..... optimize its vapor-recovery scheme. FCCU REVAMPS New features of modern FCC design ..... requirements. For the case of the Azcapotzalco FCCU , the old unit was designed in the 1950s

  4. Marathon refineries employ new FCCU CO combustion promoter

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    Mon, 27 Apr 2009

    implement many new emission–control technologies. FCCU and emissions The FCCU is typically the largest emitter of airborne emissions in a crude oil refinery. The FCCU ’s flue–gas stack emissions contain several environmental pollutants, including CO, nitrogen

  5. New trimetallic catalyst improves FCCU feed quality

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Jun 2001

    overall fluid catalytic cracking unit ( FCCU ) feed quality. Furthermore, it accomplished ..... hydrotreated heavy vacuum gas oil (HVGO) to the FCCU . It also charges some untreated feed and ..... environmental regulations, but it also improves FCCU operations. Since the FCCU is the major

  6. Reliability assessment avoids new FCCU expander purchase

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 27 Nov 2000

    train supplies combustion air to the larger FCCU and sometimes provides combustion air to the smaller FCCU . The hot-gas PRT is the primary driver ..... the PRT comes from the flue gas exiting the FCCU catalyst regenerator. This "free" flue

  7. IOC nears start-up of Paradip refinery; expands FCCU capacity at Mathura

    Online Articles

    Thu, 14 Aug 2014

    commissioned a newly upgraded fluidized catalytic cracking unit ( FCCU ) at its 160,000-b/d Mathura refinery. The unit entered ..... cost of $167 million, the upgrade project has increased the FCCU ’s processing capacity to 30,000 b/d from its previous

  8. Hess closing FCCU to concentrate upstream

    Online Articles

    Tue, 29 Jan 2013

    Jan. 11, 2013 ). In addition to closing the Port Reading FCCU , Hess will try to sell its 19 US terminals, which have total storage ..... SA ( OGJ Online, Jan. 18, 2012 ). It said the Port Reading FCCU , which is 10 miles from New York City, hasn’t been profitable

  9. Irving Oil conducts FCCU turnaround maintenance at St. John plant

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    Wed, 9 Oct 2002

    represents the first full turnaround on the FCCU since March 1997, said a company representative ..... increased its capacity to 25,000 b/d. The FCCU is being cleaned, inspected, and new ..... products will remain unchanged during the FCCU turnaround," said Carl Block, the Irving

  10. Pertamina to add Cilacap FCCU without Mitsui

    Online Articles

    Tue, 23 Mar 2010

    initial agreement called for addition of a 60,000-b/d resid FCCU . Pertamina indicated it would proceed with the project on its ..... original schedule. Pertamina Pres. Karen Agustiawan said the FCCU is expected to be online by 2013. Pertamina has been unsuccessful

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