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Ethanol Plants

Ethanol Plants news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Ethanol Plants latest and archived news and articles

  1. Marathon to enter ethanol joint venture

    Online Articles

    Tue, 11 Jul 2006

    construct and operate an unspecified number of fuel ethanol plants . Gary R. Heminger, Marathon executive vice-president ..... Andersons will provide day-to-day management of the ethanol plants , as well as corn supplies, risk management, and

  2. Twelve Minnesota ethanol companies agree to US air pollution deal

    Online Articles

    Thu, 3 Oct 2002

    Justice, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the state of Minnesota Oct. 2 announced civil settlements with 12 ethanol plants in Minnesota for alleged Clean Air Act violations. The settlements are the first agreements to mandate reductions

  3. Ethanol from wood waste an opportunity for refiners

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Jun 2008

    reached in that study: Cellulosic ethanol plants currently being built are technically ..... partial integration of cellulosic ethanol plants with pulp and paper mills, 10 ..... Investment required to fund cellulosic ethanol plants is significant; pulp and paper

  4. FOCUS: UNCONVENTIONAL OIL & GAS: Loan guarantee program expands to support advanced fossil energy research

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Aug 2013

    wind farms, solar generation and thermal energy storage systems, one of the first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants in the US, and the first new commercial nuclear power plant to be licensed and built in the US in more than 30 years

  5. BP planning to sell US wind business

    Online Articles

    Thu, 4 Apr 2013

    power. BP also has projects under way in various stages of development that involve another 2,000 Mw. BP operates ethanol plants in Brazil and the UK. It also invests in biofuel technology research in the US and the UK. Additionally, BP invests

  6. Luck, nature, and markets

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 16 Jul 2012

    since most of the nation's 200 ethanol plants make biofuel from corn starch ..... 53 million bbl that week. Five ethanol plants have been idled "off and on ..... independent refiner, operates 10 ethanol plants and has temporarily idled two

  7. SPECIAL REPORT: US ethanol forecast identifies refiner, marketer opportunities

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 Mar 2007

    stream from a dozen or more new ethanol plants . This is nearly the same capacity ..... typically represent dozens or more ethanol plants whose individual production is ..... better off shutting down. Some ethanol plants during this overcapacity period

  8. COMMENT: Obstacles bedevil EISA’s RFS biofuels mandate

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 17 Mar 2008

    Outside of a few small cellulosic ethanol plants that are just becoming operational ..... active in developing cellulosic ethanol plants also are mostly small companies ..... to build new agriwaste-to- ethanol plants , Pulp and paper mills that have

  9. SPECIAL REPORT: Oil industry researching nonfood biofeedstocks

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Aug 2007

    construct and operate corn-based ethanol plants . The joint venture’s first plant ..... Beall said, noting Ohio has no ethanol plants now so all ethanol must come into ..... and feasibility of converting ethanol plants into butanol plants. “There

  10. COMMENT: Ethanol use in US gasoline should be banned, not expanded

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 9 Sep 2002

    continuing to build inefficient corn ethanol plants , and 2) can we trust the ethanol ..... VOCs being released by the ethanol plants include formaldehyde and acetic ..... permitted limits. There are 61 ethanol plants , primarily in the Midwest, and

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