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Esp news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Esp latest and archived news and articles

  1. DEEPWATER ESP —Conclusion: Jubarte downhole ESP required extensive qualification, testing

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Apr 2008

    proved out the electric submersible pump ( ESP ) installed downhole in the JUB-6 well ..... The quality control and inspection of the ESP started with dimensional conformance tests ..... lines clamped to the production string. The ESP power cable with chemical injection line

  2. DEEPWATER ESP —1: Subsea, downhole 1,200-hp ESP produces Jubarte well off Brazil

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 24 Mar 2008

    highest horsepower electric submersible pump ( ESP ) yet installed subsea. The system has a ..... Two wells are on gas lift, one has an ESP installation on the seabed, and the fourth, discussed in this article, has a downhole ESP . New technologies As new deepwater discoveries


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Jun 1990

    design, the electric submersible pump ( ESP ) is an effective method of lifting fluids from horizontal wells. But this ESP application does have unique installation ..... parameters that need to be considered. ESP 's have been used for many years in directional

  2. Test evaluates high-volume ESP application offshore Mexico

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 16 Feb 1998

    Bartlesville, Okla An electric submersible pump ( ESP ) test, although shorter than hoped for ..... test of a high-volume (10,000 b/d) ESP in the Akal reservoir of the Cantarell field ..... have to increase by about 30 MMscfd. The ESP design was complex because the pump would

  3. Shell claims record for ESP tie-back

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 26 Jan 1998

    back of an electrical submersible pump ( ESP ). Gannet E oil field, brought on stream ..... development of satellite fields." The ESP was developed by Reda Production Services ..... Reda will monitor operation of the Gannet E ESP in real time from Inverurie, enabling it

  4. ESP —Conclusion: Multiple factors affect electrical submersible pump run life

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Nov 2010

    important factors to consider in extending ESP run life. The first part (OGJ, Oct ..... what various producers have reported about ESP run life in technical papers. Although ..... deliverability and inflow performance. 4. ESP operating temperature. 5. Solids production

  5. ESP —1: Run-time analysis assesses pump performance

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Oct 2010

    operators and suppliers have improved ESP performance over time. To qualify this ..... what various producers have reported about ESP run life as published in industry technical ..... greatly, judging from the industry's annual ESP expenditures. Fig. 1 shows a typical ESP

  6. Nodal analysis indentifies ESP wellhead choke problems

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 14 Jun 2010

    tolerate design inaccuracies because an ESP has a restricted range of pumping rates ..... range, the hydraulic efficiency of the ESP rapidly deteriorates and its efficiency ..... consequent decrease in profitability, the ESP system, when operated under such conditions


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 10 Sep 1990

    an oil company, to establish its own ESP repair facility. The facility has met three ..... capabilities. In July 1975, the first ESP was installed in Kasim 6, to gain more ..... Purchasing standby equipment and repairing ESP units for this remote location had become

  8. Rigless ESP nears commercial installation

    Online Articles

    Tue, 5 Jan 2010

    with ConocoPhillips developed the rigless ESP during the last 5 years. A paper given ..... First 4.5-in. Through-Tubing ESP with Downhole Wet Connect," Paper No ..... which was run on tubing. The rigless ESP has a slim ALC designed permanent-magnet

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