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  1. Brazil: OGX DSTs gas-condensate on Santos shelf

    Online Articles

    Tue, 4 Oct 2011

    Participacoes SA, Rio de Janeiro, gauged gas-condensate on a drillstem test in the Santonian section of the 1-OGX-11D-SPS well ..... what OGX calls the Natal accumulation. The late September drillstem test flowed gas and 47° gravity condensate that OGX said

  2. Lundin group to test Gohta oil find in Norwegian Barents

    Online Articles

    Tue, 10 Sep 2013

    A unit of Lundin Petroleum AB, Stockholm, plans to drillstem test a Permian carbonate oil discovery in the Barents Sea offshore Norway. Lundin Norway AS as operator for exploration license

  3. Statoil, ExxonMobil test Tanzania Block 2 resource

    Online Articles

    Mon, 3 Mar 2014

    Statoil ASA and ExxonMobil Corp. completed their first drillstem test in the Tanzania Block 2 resource. Two separate, equipment-constrained intervals flowed at a maximum of 66 MMcfd, confirming

  4. BG Group touts Pweza as its largest Tanzania gas find

    Online Articles

    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    Results of a drillstem test of the Pweza deepwater gas discovery indicates that the reservoir is “potentially the most prolific in BG Group’s Tanzania

  5. Gulf of Thailand wildcat flows high CO 2 gas

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Apr 1996

    Block B8/32 Drillstem Test Results [19958 bytes] A group ..... flowed a combined 16 MMcfd of gas on drillstem tests of two sands at undisclosed depths ..... 60% CO 2 from the other. A third drillstem test at 4,198-4,218 ft flowed

  6. Well off Vietnam gauges high oil flow rate

    Online Articles

    Wed, 20 Dec 2006

    Vietnam has flowed oil at high rates on a drillstem test. The TGT-5X well, drilled to ..... Hoang Long Co. PTT E&P said a second drillstem test, in progress at the time of the ..... initial flow rate of 7,300 b/d. Drillstem test flows of other appraisal wells on

  7. Brazil's Parnaiba has new Devonian shale find

    Online Articles

    Wed, 17 Nov 2010

    s Parnaiba onshore basin supported a 20-m gas flare on drillstem test. The flow came at the 1-OGX-22-MA well at the ..... section with good gas shows, at a depth of 1,520 m, a drillstem test resulted in 1,950 psi wellhead pressure with the 20

  8. China

    Online Articles

    Fri, 7 May 2010

    HOUSTON, May 7 – Primeline Energy Holdings Inc. plans to drillstem test potential reservoir zones at the Lishui 35-3-1 exploration ..... sidewall coring before setting the 9-5/8-in. casing. Drillstem testing will begin 7-8 days after casing is set. Lishui

  9. Hess gauges gas-condensate find off Libya

    Online Articles

    Wed, 2 Dec 2009

    HOUSTON, Dec. 2 -- Hess Corp.’s Libyan subsidiary has drillstem -tested gas and condensate at a discovery well it drilled ..... and 533 b/d of condensate on a 52/64-in. choke on a drillstem test. After completing tests, the Stena Forth sixth-generation

  10. Solimoes well cements gas trend east of Jurua field

    Online Articles

    Fri, 17 Aug 2012

    Janeiro, said its vertical 1-HRT-8-AM well on the SOL-T-169 block in Brazil’s Solimoes basin is a discovery that drillstem tested gas and confirms the gas trend east of Jurua field. HRT, which is exploring area with TNK-BP subsidiary TNK-Brasil

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