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Drilling Mud

Drilling Mud news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Drilling Mud latest and archived news and articles


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 31 Jul 1995

    Calif. Sodium chloride added to drilling mud left in the annulus helps lower ..... permafrost interval. Thus, the drilling mud cannot be properly displaced prior ..... data, it was determined that the drilling mud at some depth was not completely

  2. Unusual methods treat Russian drilling mud losses

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Jun 2000

    top g1, g2 = Densities of the drilling mud and the plug-back mixture, accordingly ..... technologies, such as expensive drilling mud , must be used. To avoid mixing the expensive drilling mud with the cement slurry, a plug


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 25 Apr 1994

    containing 3 wt % KCl. The mud chamber is then filled with drilling mud , the unit is assembled, the motor is set into constant ..... 22208, 1990. Prokop, C.L., "Radial Filtration of Drilling Mud ," AIME transactions, 1952, Vol. 195, pp. 5


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 30 Sep 1991

    RECYCLING The process whereby the water is recycled into the active mud system requires the following: Coordination of drilling mud products and dewatering products with regard to clay chemistry and polymer chemistry. Communication and cooperation

  3. Prototype gas detection probe for drilling mud developed for gas component analysis

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 13 Aug 2001

    Datalog Technology Inc., Calgary, reported in a June press release that it is testing a new version of the GasWizard gas detection device, jointly with Shell Oil Co., Houston.

  4. Multiphase technique improves mud-pulse velocity calculations

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Jul 2002

    bottomhole. Current models consider the drilling mud to be a single phase through which ..... More realistically, however, drilling mud is a multiphase system. Research ..... velocity as a basic parameter of drilling mud systems, both theoretically and

  5. TECHNOLOGY Clay/latex mixture stops lost circulation in large carbonate fractures

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 28 Aug 1995

    Techniques Moscow A mixture of latex and drilling mud clay controls lost circulation ..... Povolzhie oil regions in Russia, drilling mud lost circulation occurs in several ..... combining a latex base and clay drilling mud for use in plugging these large

  6. BP reports static kill appears to be working on Macondo well

    Online Articles

    Wed, 4 Aug 2010

    a condition in which the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud is offsetting the reservoir pressure, which is the ..... Aug. 3. BP PLC, operator of Macondo, pumped heavy drilling mud into the top of the well for about 8 hr starting at 3

  7. BP starts flushing Macondo subsea equipment before pressure tests

    Online Articles

    Thu, 19 Aug 2010

    Paula Dittrick OGJ Senior Staff Writer HOUSTON, Aug. 19 -- BP PLC has started preparations to flush drilling mud and hydrocarbons from the deepwater Macondo well sealing cap and the Deepwater Horizon’s lower marine riser package (LMRP

  8. Shaker Screens—API standardizes criteria for solids separation

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 20 Feb 2006

    screens should simplify the screen selection process and provide screens that will efficiently filter cuttings from drilling mud . This article is the first of two that will provide a practical guide to shaker screen selection using API RP 13C-compliant

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