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Crude Oil Refinery

Crude Oil Refinery news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Crude Oil Refinery latest and archived news and articles

  1. MARKET WATCH Energy prices fall with bearish inventory reports

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    Thu, 5 Feb 2004

    crude inputs into US refineries were down by 202,000 b/d to 14.5 million b/d. "Most notable was that crude oil refinery inputs into the Gulf Coast averaged below 7 million b/d for the first time since the week ended Feb. 28, 2003

  2. MARKET WATCH OPEC makes surprise cut of 900,000 b/d in oil quota

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    Wed, 24 Sep 2003

    refineries averaged 15.4 million b/d last week, down by 390,000 b/d from the previous week. "Decreases in crude oil refinery inputs occurred in every region of the country, which may signal the beginning of the fall maintenance season

  3. Shell, BP tap Fluor for South Africa refinery's clean fuels project

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    Wed, 3 Mar 2004

    services for a clean fuels project at its SAPREF crude oil refinery in Durban, South Africa, the largest crude oil refinery in South Africa. The SAPREF LION (large increase

  4. Processing Iran moves to beef up downstream operations

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 26 Feb 1996

    Condensate refinery NIOC plans to build a 70,000 b/sd condensate refinery integrated with a 230,000 b/d crude oil refinery under construction at Bandar Abbas on the Strait of Hormuz. The condensate refinery originally was planned for the

  5. Surge in light crude trade altering market for Atlantic basin refiners

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 12 Jan 1998

    are expected to reach 1.2-1.5 million b/d by 2000. Because the Atlantic basin is a large net importer of crude oil , refinery throughput does not mirror production in the region, neither in terms of volume nor in quality. In very broad


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 25 May 1998

    said the Nigerian government has released $215 million for the turnaround maintenance of its 110,000 b/d Kaduna crude oil refinery (OGJ, May 18, 1998, p. 44). Foreland Corp., Lakewood, Colo., will acquire the Nevada refining and related

  7. OGJ Newsletter

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    Mon, 8 Apr 2013

    Gas Corp. of South Africa (PetroSA) "which enabled the companies to move forward the world-scale Mthombo crude oil refinery project in Port Elizabeth's Coega Industrial Development Zone." Sinopec said the companies agreed to integrate

  8. MARKET WATCH: Iranian threats push crude above $101/bbl in New York market

    Online Articles

    Wed, 28 Dec 2011

    number for the supply of products, while on the crude oil side we will have to combine a 1.4 million b/d loss of crude oil refinery demand with a 1.2 million b/d gain of crude supply from Libya, when comparing the first half of 2012 with the

  9. MARKET WATCH: Oil prices increase on indications of economic improvement

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    Thu, 12 Apr 2012

    been shrinking; the main action yesterday in crude oil was on the Brent-WTI spread, not on outright flat price. Crude oil refinery intake [in the Midwest] has been gradually rebounding over the last 2 weeks, and crude oil imports from Canada

  10. Crude ends quarter at 17-month high

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    Mon, 5 Apr 2010

    the Midwest were at a high level offsetting some of the lower numbers seen in the previous 3 weeks, he said. “ Crude oil refinery runs are gently being increased to levels closer to 2008, and gasoline production is rising to a multiyear high for

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