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Co2 Injection

Co2 Injection news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Co2 Injection latest and archived news and articles

  1. Chevron drilling CO 2 injection wells on Barrow Island

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 9 Dec 2013

    carbon dioxide injection wells on Barrow Island as part of the Gorgon-Jansz LNG project in Western Australia. The CO2 injection project involves the design, construction, and operation of wells and facilities to inject and store CO2 extracted from

  2. CO 2 -EOR set for growth as new CO 2 supplies emerge

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Apr 2014

    ROZ expectations are not included in the OGJ's 2014 survey. International CO2-EOR With some exceptions, use of CO2 injection for oil recovery has been slow to catch on outside of the US. One notable exception is Weyburn oil field, where EnCana

  3. Denbury oil output climbs with Bell Creek start-up

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 26 Aug 2013

    understanding of the cause of the release and current expectations relative to remediation, the company anticipates resuming CO2 injection into the impacted area in the fourth quarter of 2013 after which it expects oil production to recover gradually. Second

  4. ConocoPhillips group evaluating Alaska hydrate test

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 14 May 2012

    and the University of Bergen, Norway. Earlier theory, based on laboratory studies, held that hydrate response to CO2 injection would be very slow and injection difficult due to low permeability, but experimental and modeling work suggested potential

  5. Powder River cyclic carbon dioxide injection nears

    Online Articles

    Wed, 23 Nov 2011

    potential stratigraphic zones identified for EOR using CO2 injection . Initial injection rates of up to 7 MMcfd will increase to more than 30 MMcfd as the CO2 injection infrastructure is developed. In February 2011, Linc


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Oct 2011

    Service Flowmeter Here's a new wing union high pressure (WUHP) turbine flowmeter that measures nitrogen injection, CO2 injection , and other liquids used during hydraulic fracturing. Its enhanced design features a patented internal cartridge that

  7. Shell gains funding for Quest CCS project in Canada

    Online Articles

    Fri, 24 Jun 2011

    carbon dioxide from Shell’s Scotford upgrader near Edmonton. It processes heavy oil from the Athabasca oil sands. CO2 injection is scheduled for 2015. The Alberta government will invest $745 million in Quest from a $2 billion Carbon Capture

  8. OGJ Newsletter

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 May 2011

    testing. Current plans are to reenter the well in a future winter drilling season, and conduct a 1-2 month program of CO2 injection and well production to assess the efficiency of the exchange process. Following those tests, the remaining time available


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 26 Sep 1994

    capacity can be expanded to 2 bcfd. CO2 injection in the first phase of the $91 ..... East and South Huntley projects. CO2 injection in South Welch started in October ..... the amount of oil attributed to CO2 injection in the Sacroc Unit, the oldest


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Feb 1994

    the probability of a successful CO2 injection program are: 3 Low vertical permeability ..... pipelines. The pipeline economics of CO2 injection are very sensitive to the distance ..... into the crude oil reservoirs. A CO2 injection project must justify much higher

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