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  1. Separations technology improves amine system's overall reliability

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    Mon, 11 Jan 2010

    consequences can be much more severe. These include soot deposition in the converters, runaway hydrocarbon combustion in the Claus unit , and high SO2 emissions that result in regulatory penalties and possibly expensive capacity reductions. In the worst

  2. Solvent conversion at Canadian plant hikes sales gas, cuts CO 2 , S emissions

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    Mon, 20 Aug 2007

    sulfur-recovery unit. Plant 1 has a two-stage Claus followed by a Superclaus, while Plant 2 has a three-stage Claus unit . The plant’s license requires a current overall sulfur-recovery efficiency of 96.5%. The original feed to

  3. Processes combine to assist acid-gas handling, reinjection

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    Mon, 21 Jan 2002

    energy produced by the downstream Claus unit as low-pressure (LP) steam ..... This uses only one third of the Claus unit 's steam production, and only one ..... specification is important for charging a Claus unit but is equally important for acid


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    Mon, 4 Apr 1994

    possible alternatie to debottlenecking a Claus unit . What modifications are needed ..... the maximum operating pressure of a Claus unit , provided that the liquid seals ..... gas unit. Sloan: Operating the Claus unit at higher pressures enables the product

  5. Sulfur wash removes soot from Claus catalyst bed online

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    Mon, 11 Jun 2001

    Basic Claus process Click here to enlarge image A typical Claus unit consists of a thermal stage followed by two or, more ..... before each catalytic stage. Fig. 1 shows a typical Claus unit . The thermal stage consists of a reaction furnace

  6. Successful revamp of QP MDEA unit hikes capacity

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    Mon, 6 Jun 2005

    units goes to a Claus plant for sulfur recovery. The Claus unit was designed also by Elf (the former Elf proprietary ..... a negative impact on the operation of the downstream Claus unit . Click here to enlarge image At that time

  7. Collaboration is key for downstream E&C efficiency

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    Mon, 8 Apr 2002

    Kazakhstan, Italy, and the Philippines in various stages of completion. Parsons is in the engineering phase of a Claus unit project for Tengizchevroil at Tengiz, Kazakhstan. The project, when completed in 2005, will process 2,400 t/d

  8. Shell unveils gas biodesulfurization process

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    Mon, 11 Oct 1999

    natural gas by converting it to sulfur. A conventional hydrodesulfurization plant comprises an amine scrubbing unit, a Claus unit , and a Claus tail gas unit; the Shell-Paques process requires dilution in a caustic solution followed by treatment

  9. Blending amines debottlenecks Iranian gas plant

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    Mon, 13 Nov 2000

    plant is a bottleneck for plant-capacity increase or feed-gas composition change. Sour-gas quality delivered to a Claus unit is such that it requires improvements; that is, an H 2 S concentration increase by introduction of CO 2 slippage in


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    Mon, 30 May 1994

    40 tons/year. The offgas from Claus unit No. 2 is not analyzed. The SO2 ..... calculated using produced sulfur and a Claus unit efficiency of 98%. The results ..... expected to be in 1995, Gobel says the Claus unit efficiency will have to be increased

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