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  1. ARCO's Villano project: Improvised solutions in Ecuador's rainforest

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    Mon, 2 Aug 1999

    ARCO Oriente Inc.'s Villano drillsite was designed ..... rainforest escarpment. Click here to enlarge image ARCO Oriente Inc. has just raised the bar in the ..... in the rainforest. The Ecuadorian unit of ARCO recently started up commercial operations

  2. Phillips-ARCO deal clears path for BP Amoco

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 27 Mar 2000

    Petroleum Co. had agreed to buy all of ARCO 's Alaskan operations for about $7 billion ..... reserves and finally clear the way for ARCO 's long-pending merger with BP Amoco ..... originally planned, the BP Amo- co- ARCO merger would have gone a long way toward

  1. BP Amoco-ARCO merger hits snags in Alaska; concessions required

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    Mon, 1 Nov 1999

    combination of its Alaskan assets with ARCO 's as a "compelling strategic and ..... Amoco PLC announced its planned takeover of ARCO in early April, the company has made few ..... European authorities. The deal values ARCO at $26.8 billion and is expected to

  2. BP Amoco signs deal with FTC, acquires ARCO

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    Mon, 24 Apr 2000

    BP Amoco PLC and ARCO have completed a $27 billion merger after ..... order that requires BP Amoco to sell all of ARCO 's ANS oil production assets to Phillips ..... 30 days (see story, this page), and ARCO pipeline and storage assets at Cushing

  3. Alaskans Grappling With Dramatic Change In State Oil, Gas Industry Looming With BP Amoco-ARCO Deal

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Sep 1999

    Click here to enlarge image ARCO discovered Alaska's first commercial oil field, at Swanson River. It was ARCO that, along with Exxon Corp., drilled ..... raise antitrust concerns-and BP Amoco- ARCO is no exception-these two firms' dominance


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Jul 1995

    For most of its 25 years, ARCO Indonesia has depended heavily on oil ..... Indonesia's burgeoning eastern frontier. ARCO Indonesia executives see gas as the future ..... with gas. Gas also is turning around an ARCO Indonesia that a few years ago faced

  5. ARCO's Swan Song

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Aug 1999

    This week, OGJ turns its spotlight on ARCO and how it improvised its way through a ..... story, but it is hardly a first for ARCO . In almost 2 decades of covering the industry ..... stake. Environmental initiatives As one ARCO official told me in Ecuador, referring


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 Sep 1994

    ARCO is sporting a new look upstream. Pres. Mike R. Bowlin, who succeeded Lodwrick Cook as ARCO 's chief executive officer July 1, outlined ..... projections for continued demand growth, ARCO is focusing its U.S. Lower 48 exploration

  7. BP Amoco-ARCO merger promises to change the oil industry's landscape

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    Mon, 12 Apr 1999

    Energy Policies Editor Steven Poruban Staff Writer BP Amoco- Arco key operating areas [80,357 bytes] How BP Amoco- Arco combined production compares [99,091 bytes] BP Amoco- Arco rankings by sector [139,636 bytes] The accelerating consolidation


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 16 Jul 1990

    explosion and fire that ripped through ARCO Chemical Co.'s Channelview, Tex ..... this week. INDUSTRY REPERCUSSIONS The ARCO complex produced almost 15% of U.S ..... product. Only a week before the accident, ARCO broke ground for an expansion project to

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