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Acidizing news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Acidizing latest and archived news and articles

  1. New design simplifies coiled-tubing operations

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 10 Jan 2000

    improve safety, and significantly improve efficiency and reliability of such operations as nitrogen lifts, sand cleanouts, acidizing , and fracturing. One of Schlumberger's new coiled-tubing units is being field-tested in Canada. The new design eliminates

  2. Limited-entry OHMS improves Saudi deep-gas production

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Jun 2014

    Limited-entry OHMS stimulation and matrix acidizing systems function similarly to standard ..... placement is a major concern in matrix acidizing of prolific carbonates because the acid ..... reaction of carbonates with acid, matrix acidizing creates dominant wormholes through which the

  3. Non-frac stimulation technologies mark progress too

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Sep 2008

    both vertical and horizontal wellbores. Acidizing As oil and gas production comes increasingly ..... to push the performance envelope for acidizing chemicals, contends Mary Van Domelen, product ..... s Cairo office. “This will take acidizing from what has traditionally been considered

  4. China developing strategy for horizontal fracturing technology

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Jul 2013

    permeability reservoirs and enhancing the capability of uniform acidizing stimulation for the entire well. This project will also continue ..... technology with multiple hydra-jet, mechanical plugs, and acidizing with coiled tubing. Acknowledgment This paper was supported

  5. RJD revitalizes mature Kansas oilfield

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Oct 2014

    traditional perforation and extended-horizontal-penetration beyond the near-wellbore damaged zone, acid wash and matrix acidizing , and traditional water injection and disposal applications. RJD is ideal for small-diameter horizontal completions, which

  6. Hydraulic fracturing battle has moved to several local ballot boxes

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Oct 2014

    successfully placed Measure P on the November ballot there to stop what they called "extreme oil extraction" by banning acidizing and steam injection as well as fracing. "Ultimately, it would shut down every well in the county, some faster than others

  7. SPECIAL REPORT: Straddle packer assemblies allow selective completions, stimulations

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Aug 2008

    nonservice assemblies. An inflatable straddle acidizing packer (ISAP) allows precise injection ..... effectively isolate perforations for washing or acidizing . After individual treatment of perforations ..... included a 2.50-in. OD inflatable acidizing straddle packer (ISAP) system run on


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 10 Jan 2011

    bearing fracture zones. Progress with the acidizing procedure has been impeded by the mechanical ..... perforated zones that would benefit most from acidizing have not been effectively treated and ..... production to date is adversely affected. The acidizing procedure has been temporarily suspended

  9. WesternZagros mulls next steps on Iraq PSC

    Online Articles

    Mon, 8 Nov 2010

    86 bbl/MMcf of 62° gravity condensate after acidizing . No formation water was recovered. A mixture of ..... condensate was recovered during the test prior to acidizing . After acidizing the well, the company interprets that the high

  10. Optimized stimulation strategies enhance Aramco gas production

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Oct 2010

    stimulating methods, such as matrix acidizing , acid fracturing, or proppant fracturing ..... jobs include either fracturing or matrix acidizing , depending on rock quality and gas potential ..... fiber diversion system over conventional acidizing . Fig 7 shows the difference in production

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