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  1. Top Item:Groups urge House leaders to support bill ending crude export ban

    Top officials from 13 US oil and gas associations and three non-energy national business groups called on US House leaders to support HR 702, a bill that would end the 40-year ban on exporting US-produced crude oil, when it comes to a floor vote on Oct. 9.

    General Interest

  2. Top Item:Clean Water Act enforcement has declined, two House committee chairmen say

    Enforcement of thel Clean Water Act has deteriorated badly under the Bush administration, two US House committee chairman charged on Dec. 16. Nearly half of the violations involved oil spills, they added.

    Clean Water Act

  3. Top Item:MarkWest starts Marcellus, Utica cryogenic plants

    MarkWest Energy Partners LP, Denver, has begun operations at two new cryogenic gas processing plants serving shale production in the Marcellus and Utica plays in West Virginia and Ohio.


  4. Top Item:USCG: Oil sheen in gulf matches deepwater Macondo spill

    Samples collected from an oil sheen in the Gulf of Mexico matched samples of oil that originated from the deepwater Macondo well blowout and resulting spill in 2010 off Louisiana, the US Coast Guard confirmed.

    Macondo Spill

  5. Top Item:Targa to build Barnett shale natural gas processing plant

    Targa Resources Partners LP, Houston, has ordered a 200 MMcfd cryogenic natural gas processing plant for its North Texas System to meet increasing gas production from liquids-rich areas of the Barnett shale. Targa expects the processing plant, sited in Wise County, Tex., to begin operations ...

    Natural Gas Processing

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