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Incremental steps advance subsea development

May 6, 2013 Subsea oil and gas technology is continuously advancing to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding production environments: deeper water, greater distances from shore, higher reservoir temp...


Feb 5, 1990 Canadian officials believe 1990 will mark the beginning of an upturn for their industry. Industry groups say operators are budgeting for an average crude oil price of $18.50 (U.S.)/bbl. Natural gas...


Feb 19, 1990 The oil spill off California should have no bearing on whether to hold offshore lease sales, says President George Bush (see story, p. 30). He has read a task force's report on controversial C...


Feb 19, 1990 IMPERIAL OIL LTD. received final regulatory approval for its $4.9 billion takeover of Texaco Canada Inc., 1 year after the companies announced a deal. Approval came from Ottawa's Competition T...


Feb 26, 1990 BP is making significant progress on cleanup of the oil spill off Huntington Beach, Calif. (OGJ, Feb. 19, p. 30). It has removed all gross contamination from beaches and all oil from the water. A ...


Apr 16, 1990 A PARTNERSHIP of Hadson Power Systems, Irvine, Calif., and Westmoreland Energy Inc. began funding $200 million in nonrecourse construction loans for two of four coal burning cogeneration projects i...


Apr 30, 1990 THAILAND AND MALAYSIA signed a draft agreement covering joint oil and gas exploration and development of overlapping territorial claims in the Gulf of Thailand. The agreement, to be ratified by pa...


May 14, 1990 BROWN & ROOT U.S.A. INC. finished installing underground civil and foundation packages for two 35,000 kw cogeneration units it is building for Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co. at Conoco Inc.'s Ponca...


May 28, 1990 Occidental Petroleum Corp. calls its portfolio of international oil and gas exploration prospects the best in the company's history. Oxy will devote nearly half its $1.4 billion capital budget ...


May 28, 1990 M. Mohitpour Novacorp International Consulting Inc. C.L. Pierce Novalta Resources Inc. Calgary Peter Graham Novacor Chemicals Ltd. Joffre, Alta. In lieu of uniform codes or standards for hydrogen-g...

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The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: IBM Chief Supply Chain Officers Study, Chemicals & Petroleum Industries

We invite you to attend the IBM Smarter Oil & Gas Webcast Series

Dec 17, 2009
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OGJ Annual Forecast & Review Webcast 2011

Oil & Gas Journal Editor Bob Tippee discusses key influences in the global and US oil markets based on data published in the annual Forecast an...
Feb 24, 2011
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Fleet Intelligence: How oil and gas firms can use telematics to reduce high severity losses and incur cost savings through better fleet management

In this hour-long program, oil and gas risk managers will learn how to employ telematics to help mitigate large, potentially catastrophic losses an...
Dateline Label Mar 31, 2011
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Is the gas delivery system you’re looking at able to meet your power generation needs: a hydraulic engineer’s perspective

The hydraulic characteristics, and system response to demands and supplies, of natural gas pipelines are substantially different from the flow char...
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January 26, 2015
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