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ANGA urges US to scrap dual approvals for LNG export projects

Apr 16, 2015

The US could lose an important global opportunity if it doesn’t move more quickly on its LNG export decisions, America’s Natural Gas Alliance said in a new study. “This is not about trying to get 20 export facilities quickly built,” ANGA Pres. Martin J. Durbin told reporters as the study was released. “It’s about making the process more certain and predictable so more of them can move ahead.”

Magellan, TransCanada to pursue Houston Pipeline connection

Apr 16, 2015

Magellan Midstream Partners LP and TransCanada Corp. reported entering into a joint development agreement to pursue a project to connect TransCanada’s Houston tank terminal to Magellan’s East Houston terminal. The project would include the construction of a 9-mile, 24-in. pipeline, in which Magellan and TransCanada would have an equal ownership interest.

Gulfport Energy to acquire Paloma Partners III

Apr 16, 2015

Gulfport Energy Corp., Oklahoma City, has agreed to acquire Paloma Partners III LLC, Houston, for $300 million. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter.

NGPL moves forward with Chicago Market expansion project

Apr 15, 2015

Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America LLC (NGPL) reported it has signed binding agreements with Antero Resources, Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas, and Occidental Energy Marketing Inc. for incremental firm transportation service on its Gulf Coast mainline system from the Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) interconnection in Moultrie County, Ill., to points north on NGPL’s pipeline system.

More witnesses urge Congress to repeal US crude oil export ban

Apr 15, 2015

The US crude oil export ban is a 1970s anachronism that could hobble US production growth and restrict economic improvement if it is not repealed, three witnesses told a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee’s hearing on the matter. A fourth witness, however, warned that ending the export ban would lead to a hazardous US production increase that would then possibly lead to greater greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and threats to public safety.

House Transportation panel lambastes administration for safety delays

Apr 14, 2015

Members of a US House Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee from both parties sternly criticized the Obama administration for delays in implementing pipeline and rail safety procedures as the systems carry more crude oil, ethanol, and other volatile materials.

California PUC fines PG&E record $1.4 billion for pipeline violations

Apr 14, 2015

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) fined Pacific Gas & Electric Co. a record $1.4 billion for the unsafe operation of its natural gas pipeline system in 2010, including an explosion in San Bruno, Calif., that killed 8 people, injured 66 more, and destroyed 38 homes.

Cedigaz: Russian gas market 'facing numerous challenges'

Apr 13, 2015

The next decade will be critical for the Russian natural gas industry with the outcome largely depending on the nation's pricing and institutional policies, according to a Cedigaz report, Russian Gas Market: Entering New Era.

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