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Total restructuring downstream businesses

Oct 10, 2011

Total SA is restructuring its downstream business to separate manufacturing from supply and marketing while emphasizing that it remains committed to its integrated structure.

ConocoPhillips seeks buyer for Trainer, Pa., refinery

Sep 27, 2011

ConocoPhillips plans to sell its 185,000-b/cd refinery in Trainer, Pa., and associated pipelines and terminals. The major plans to close the plant in 6 months unless a buyer is found.

Japan's crisis will affect nuclear, oil, gas industries

Mar 21, 2011

The unfolding crisis in Japan—the world’s third largest economy and fifth largest energy user—has major implications for both the nuclear and the oil and gas sectors, said industry analysts.

Two Chilean refineries due technical services

Mar 2, 2011

SGS Industrial Services Chile, Santiago, has been assigned a 2-year contract to provide comprehensive asset integrity management and nondestructive testing services for two oil refineries in Chile.

Hovensa plans partial shutdown of St. Croix refinery

Jan 26, 2011

Hovensa LLC reported plans to shut down certain processing units on the west side of its 500,000-b/cd refinery at St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

Deloitte: Sunoco foresees higher US refining operating costs

Nov 19, 2010

US refiners are likely to keep plants running if they can maintain cash-positive operations despite a glut of US downstream capacity and weak margins, Sunoco Inc. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Lynn Elsenhans told the Deloitte LLP oil and gas conference in Houston on Nov. 18.

Petroplus shutting down Cressier refinery

Oct 27, 2010

Petroplus Holdings AG, Zug, Switzerland, has begun a safe shutdown of its 60,000-b/d Cressier refinery in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Murphy Oil to exit refining, focus on E&P

Jul 23, 2010

Murphy Oil Corp. plans to sell its three refineries to exit the refining business and concentrate on exploration and production and US retailing.

Appalachian oil runs drop laid to Marcellus

Jun 30, 2010

A shift in drilling emphasis from conventional to unconventional plays the past 2 years, particularly the Marcellus shale, has resulted in a substantial drop in crude oil production available to refiners in the Appalachian basin, said Ergon Oil Purchasing Inc.

Refinery in Ghana idle for lack of crude

Apr 15, 2010

Ghana’s 45,000-b/cd Tema refinery has ceased operation because of a lack of crude, according to Reuters.

French workers reject Dunkirk refinery plan

Mar 9, 2010

Another strike threatens France’s refining industry as workers at the 137,000-b/d Flanders Refinery at Dunkirk rejected a plan Total SA presented to a labor committee not to resume refining operations and to convert the site to other uses able to employ 370 with no layoffs.

One Chilean refinery due back online next week

Mar 2, 2010

Chile’s state-owned oil company Empresa Nacional del Petroleo (Enap) said its 97,650-b/d Aconcagua refinery will be online next week but that no date could be given for the restart of its 113,000-b/d Bio Bio facility.

French workers end strike at Total units

Feb 25, 2010

Union workers called off a week-long strike at 6 of Total SA refineries and 7 of its 31 storage depots in France after company officials promised not to shut down or sell any more refineries for 5 years.

Strikes hit Total's refineries in France

Feb 17, 2010

Total SA’s six refineries and 12 product depots in France have been hit by labor strikes supporting the Feb. 16 takeover by workers of the idle 137,000-b/d Dunkirk refinery.

Total delays decision on Dunkirk refinery

Feb 2, 2010

Total SA postponed to the end of June its “final decision” on the future of the Dunkirk refinery that it previously said it would announce Feb. 1 at a special meeting of the Central Works Council.

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