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Crude price rebounds then settles

Oct 8, 2007 Crude futures prices rebounded more than $10/bbl in the first 3 weeks of September then fluctuated in a lower $5/bbl range.

MARKET WATCH: Crude futures price slips lower

Oct 8, 2007 Front-month crude prices slipped lower Oct. 5 on the New York market as the dollar index inched up just 0.4%.

SPECIAL REPORT: Clean fuels requirements increase catalyst demand

Oct 1, 2007 Requirements for cleaner fuels, rising demand for refined products, and the need to meet more stringent environmental regulations continue to increase demand for refining catalysts.

Total CEO: Iranian Pars LNG project at impasse

Sep 26, 2007 Total SA Chief Executive Christophe de Margerie said the Iranian Pars LNG project has reached an impasse.

US GAO to study refining capacity, gasoline prices

Sep 26, 2007 The US GAO has agreed to examine relationships between refining capacity and gasoline prices and demand in response to requests from Connecticut's congressional delegation.

MARKET WATCH: Oil futures prices still retreating

Sep 26, 2007 Oil prices dropped by more than $1 Sept. 25, closing below $80/bbl on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Analyst said the dip stemmed from worries about the US economy.

OGJ Newsletter

Sep 24, 2007

SPECIAL REPORT: OGJ200 expands as 2006 earnings, spending surge

Sep 17, 2007 The OGJ200 group of companies posted a 16% gain in earnings for 2006, as capital expenditures surged and production and reserves increased.

Gas shut in due to low prices

Sep 17, 2007 Natural gas futures prices temporarily strengthened Sept. 4-5 on news that Chesapeake Energy Corp. of Oklahoma City, the largest independent gas producer in the US, is reducing its gross production by 200 MMcfd through a combination of production curtailments and deferred pipeline hook-ups for the rest of 2007 due to poor market conditions.

Vietnam refining industry gets oil supply deal

Sep 14, 2007 Petrovietnam Trading signed an agreement with Trafigura to supply oil for Vietnam's refining industry for 30 years.

Gas shut in due to low prices

Sep 10, 2007 Gas futures prices strengthened Sept. 4-5 on news that Chesapeake Energy Corp. is cutting production due to poor market conditions.

MARKET WATCH: Crude tops $77/bbl in intraday trading

Sep 7, 2007 The front-month crude contract temporarily jumped above $77/bbl Sept. 6, the highest intraday price level since Aug. 1 in the New York market, as US inventories of oil and gasoline continued to decline.

Part 1-Complex factors cause recent gasoline price run-ups

Sep 3, 2007 During 1999-2006, US gasoline prices almost tripled, shocking consumers and spurring public debate about the causes of the increase.

OGJ Newsletter

Aug 27, 2007

SPECIAL REPORT: Middle East condensate production will complicate refining operations

Aug 27, 2007 Condensate production, especially in the Middle East, will rise substantially in the next few years.

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