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MARKET WATCH: Lack of supply disruptions lowers energy prices

Sep 3, 2008 Oil prices dropped to a 5-month low of $105.46/bbl in intraday trading before closing a little under $110/bbl Sept. 2 on indications of little disruption by Hurricane Gustav to oil and gas operations in the gulf.

DOE updates storm damage report

Sep 2, 2008 Fourteen Gulf Coast refineries were closed and all Gulf of Mexico oil production was shut in the day after Hurricane Gustav made landfall near Morgan City, La., DOE said in an updated situation report.

MARKET WATCH: Hurricane's effects so far 'minimal' on oil, gas markets

Sep 2, 2008 Oil and gas prices were not as affected Aug. 29 as would normally be expected on the anticipation of a storm the size and speed of Gustav, which made landfall Sept. 1 as a Category 2 hurricane.

Gustav idles 12% of US refining capacity

Sep 1, 2008 Twelve Gulf Coast refineries with combined capacities representing 12% of the US total were idle Sept. 1 because of Hurricane Gustav.

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Sep 1, 2008

MARKET WATCH: Large gas injection pulls down energy prices

Aug 29, 2008 The new front-month natural gas contract led the fall of energy commodity prices Aug. 28 in the New York market as a bigger-than-expected injection of gas into US underground storage shifted traders' attention from what could be the first major storm to threaten Gulf Coast petroleum production and processing in 3 years.

MARKET WATCH: Energy prices rise as Gustav threatens gulf

Aug 28, 2008 Energy prices continued to rise Aug. 27 as slow-moving Tropical Storm Gustav approached Jamaica apparently in route to a US Gulf Coast landfall early next week through the bulk of US offshore oil and gas operations.

Dalian refinery receives Saudi crude

Aug 27, 2008 PetroChina's recently expanded refinery in Dalian received its first cargo of Saudi Arabian crude on Aug. 26.

MARKET WATCH: Gustav's potential threat lifts energy prices

Aug 27, 2008 Despite continued signs of weakening demand, the advance of Hurricane Gustav toward the US sector of the Gulf of Mexico boosted crude and natural gas prices Aug. 26.

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Aug 25, 2008

API: Senate’s ‘Gang of 10’ proposal adds taxes, not tracts

Aug 25, 2008 A compromise energy legislation proposal advanced by a bipartisan group of US senators falls short of what is needed because it is “light on new production and heavy on new taxes,” said the American Petroleum Institute on Aug. 13.

VOC EMISSIONS—1: Study evaluates storage-tank VOC emissions reduction

Aug 25, 2008 A 6-month on site evaluation of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions controls and control strategies determined advantages and disadvantages of various equipment and methods.

Supplier-user teamwork key to stable oil prices

Aug 25, 2008 Since the early 2000s oil prices have more than tripled (Fig. 1).

OPEC cuts demand growth estimate

Aug 25, 2008 In its August report, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries reduced its 2008 estimate of global economic growth to 3.9%, down from 4% from the previous month and one percentage point lower than the same period in 2007.

SPECIAL REPORT: Refined product demand justifies Middle East refinery investments

Aug 25, 2008 Steadily rising refined product demand in the Middle East is inducing significant refinery investments in the region.

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