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NPRA asks House leaders to resist contradictory energy policy

Aug 25, 2008 Opening limited areas of the Outer Continental Shelf while enacting so-called "Use it or lose it" legislation and other counter-productive measures would be a mistake, said National Petrochemical and Refining Association Pres. Charles T. Drevna on Aug. 22.

China LPG production edges up, imports slide

Aug 25, 2008 China's 2007 LPG output maintained its steady increase since 2002, while LPG imports continued their 5-year slide, according to a recently released study by FACTS Global Energy (FGE), Honolulu.

SPECIAL REPORT: Refined product demand justifies Middle East refinery investments

Aug 25, 2008 Steadily rising refined product demand in the Middle East is inducing significant refinery investments in the region.


Aug 25, 2008

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Aug 25, 2008

SPECIAL REPORT: CMAI: Wave of new Mideast olefins capacity coming on line

Aug 25, 2008 An “unprecedented” wave of new olefins capacity is starting up in the Middle East, according to Chemical Market Associates Inc. (CMAI), Houston.

Pakistan refineries protest reduced products duties

Aug 24, 2008 Pakistan's Economic Coordination Committee has rejected a claim by the country's refineries that they face loss under the reduced "deemed duty" (ad valorem surcharge) that they now are allowed to charge.

MARKET WATCH: Energy prices rally as dollar weakens

Aug 20, 2008 Energy prices rallied Aug. 19 as the US dollar posted its biggest 1-day fall in a month in a readjustment of its 9% rise against the euro since mid-July.

NPRA releases 2008 refining, storage capacity report

Aug 20, 2008 US refiners have continued to add capacity despite soaring oil prices and shrinking margins, NPRA said as it release its annual refining and storage capacity report.

Australia's Cityview to buy, relocate African refinery

Aug 19, 2008 CityView Corp. Ltd., Perth, plans to purchase a 50,000 b/sd refinery and relocate it on Africa's west coast by first-quarter 2010.

Menzel Ledjmet East output goal is mid-2011

Aug 18, 2008 The target for first hydrocarbons production from the $1.3 billion Menzel Ledjmet East (MLE) development in eastern Algeria’s Berkine basin is the second quarter of 2011, said First Calgary Petroleums Ltd., Calgary.

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Aug 18, 2008

EPRINC: Cap and trade will hurt and help oil industry

Aug 18, 2008 A carbon cap and trade system and other initiatives to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will hurt the petroleum industry overall but also will create opportunities for some oil companies to cash in, said officials at Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc. (EPRINC), Washington, DC.

MARKET WATCH: Energy prices, demand continue to fall

Aug 13, 2008 Crude prices continued to tumble Aug. 12 as the US dollar strengthened amid reports of declining demand for energy.

PetroChina Sichuan awards China chemical project

Aug 12, 2008 PetroChina Sichuan has selected the Unipol polypropylene process technology from Dow for its new 450,000 tpy polypropylene facility at Chengdu, capital city of China's Sichuan province.

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