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Study forecasts US fuel demand for next decade

Oct 8, 2007 Economic growth, fuel prices, and policy choices will determine the rate of growth of US gasoline and diesel markets during the next decade.

Oil production starts from Greater Plutonio area off Angola

Oct 2, 2007 Oil production has started Oct. 1 from the Greater Plutonio development area on Block 18 off Angola, reported block operator BP Angola (Block 18) BV.

LNG TRADE-1: Domestic gas statistics shape LNG policies

Oct 1, 2007 Looking closely at prevailing natural gas statistics for production, consumption, net export capability, and proved reserves of each country provides insight into how various countries’ natural gas industries are evolving relative to each other and why.

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Sep 10, 2007

FTC: Market factors explain ’06 gasoline price spurt

Sep 10, 2007 Market factors ranging from reduced refining capacity to higher crude oil and ethanol prices led to dramatically higher gasoline prices in the late spring and early summer of 2006, the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division and the Federal Trade Commission jointly concluded on Aug. 30.

Part 2-Refining dynamics counter public misperceptions

Sep 10, 2007 Some have argued that refiners’ recent high income levels are excessive. However, oil refining is a highly capital-intensive industry needing large profits to compensate companies for huge investments.

Part 1-Complex factors cause recent gasoline price run-ups

Sep 3, 2007 During 1999-2006, US gasoline prices almost tripled, shocking consumers and spurring public debate about the causes of the increase.

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Sep 3, 2007

PERSONNEL MOVES AND PROMOTIONS: ConocoPhillips announces management changes

Aug 27, 2007 ConocoPhillips has announced changes in several management positions effective Sept. 1.

SPECIAL REPORT: Identifying sources key to detailed troubleshooting of amine foaming

Aug 27, 2007 Investigation and troubleshooting of foaming in two Saudi Aramco amine sweetening facilities reduced reliance on continuous antifoam injection at the company’s Berri gas plant by identifying the source of the problem.

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Aug 27, 2007

SPECIAL REPORT: Middle East condensate production will complicate refining operations

Aug 27, 2007 Condensate production, especially in the Middle East, will rise substantially in the next few years.

BP will not raise discharge limits at Whiting refinery

Aug 24, 2007 BP America Inc. on Aug. 23 promised to operate its 399,900 b/cd Whiting, Ind., refinery to meet the lower discharge limits specified in its previous wastewater treatment permit.

NPRA: US refining capacity climbed 0.6% in 2006

Aug 22, 2007 US refining capacity grew 0.6% during 2006 to 17.4 million b/cd of distillation capacity and 18.4 million b/sd as of Jan. 1, reported NPRA in its annual refining and storage report.

China fills first SPR site, faces oil, pipeline issues

Aug 20, 2007 After 10 years of indecision, China is building a strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) to protect against possible oil supply cutoffs and is addressing the companion issues of securing sufficient oil and improving the country’s pipeline and refining infrastructure to accommodate the reserves.

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