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Sep 15, 2008

Considerable potential remains after Daqing polymer flood

Sep 15, 2008 At present, one potential for additional oil recovery from Daqing oil field in northern China is the remaining oil contained in reservoirs that have undergone polymer flooding.

Area Drilling

Sep 8, 2008

Conroe field CO2 flood set as Tinsley responds

Sep 1, 2008 Denbury Resources Inc., Dallas, plans to pay $600 million or more to acquire giant Conroe field north of Houston where it intends to begin injecting carbon dioxide within 5 years in a development project itself worth $750 million-1 billion.

Area Drilling

Aug 18, 2008

BLACK POWDER—Conclusion: Management requires multiple approaches

Aug 18, 2008 Effective control of black powder usually requires a combination of several management methods varied for each specific case.

Nuclear heat advances oil shale refining in situ

Aug 11, 2008 Technological advances in producing and refining liquid fuels in situ using high-temperature heat from nuclear reactors can resolve two major problems—dependence on oil from unstable areas of the world and greenhouse gas emissions—says MIT nuclear engineer Charles W. Forsberg.

Nexen updates Long Lake SAGD project progress

Aug 11, 2008 Phase 1 of the Long Lake steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and upgrading project in the Athabasca region of northern Alberta continues its ramp-up, as explained in a recent Nexen Inc. presentation.

US Senate, House groups try to break energy logjam

Aug 11, 2008 Bipartisan groups of US Senate and House members offered new energy proposals as Democratic and Republican leaders continued to trade potshots while a 5-week congressional recess began.

Shell’s experience with a Norwegian semisubmersible

Aug 11, 2008 Norske Shell AS used the Ocean Vanguard semisubmersible, operated by Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. (DODI), to work in Draugen oil field, on Haltenbanken, in the Norwegian North Sea (northeast of Njord and Ormen Lange fields).

OGJ Newsletter

Aug 4, 2008

Modified cycles, adsorbents improve gas treatment, increase mol-sieve life

Aug 4, 2008 Natural gas treatment often uses adsorbents for contaminant removal. Special materials, such as molecular sieves, remove sulfur-containing impurities like mercaptans, as well as water vapor.

Cost shift signals changes in energy investment, use

Aug 4, 2008 Industrial energy costs have increased recently relative to industrial construction costs in a shift that will affect energy investment, production, and use.

PUT RIVER – Conclusion: BP’s modeling simplifies Prudhoe reservoir analysis

Jul 28, 2008 BP is using a highly automated workflow to evaluate the PUT River formation, an early Cretaceous sandstone reservoir on Alaska’s North Slope.

EPA proposes rules covering carbon dioxide storage

Jul 21, 2008 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released proposals July 15 for a category of injection wells for long-term underground carbon dioxide storage as Congress contemplates carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

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Refinery Units and Equipment for Sale (PA). Pictured: LSG: Gasoline Desulfurizer, 65,000 BPD.

Refinery Units and Equipment for Sale (PA)

Refinery Units and Equipment for Sale (PA). Pictured: LSG: Gasoline Desulfurizer, 65,000 BPD.


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