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Cost shift signals changes in energy investment, use

Aug 4, 2008 Industrial energy costs have increased recently relative to industrial construction costs in a shift that will affect energy investment, production, and use.

Modified cycles, adsorbents improve gas treatment, increase mol-sieve life

Aug 4, 2008 Natural gas treatment often uses adsorbents for contaminant removal. Special materials, such as molecular sieves, remove sulfur-containing impurities like mercaptans, as well as water vapor.

PUT RIVER – Conclusion: BP’s modeling simplifies Prudhoe reservoir analysis

Jul 28, 2008 BP is using a highly automated workflow to evaluate the PUT River formation, an early Cretaceous sandstone reservoir on Alaska’s North Slope.

EPA proposes rules covering carbon dioxide storage

Jul 21, 2008 The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released proposals July 15 for a category of injection wells for long-term underground carbon dioxide storage as Congress contemplates carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

PUT RIVER—1BP evaluates, develops North Slope reservoir

Jul 14, 2008 BP is developing a minor sand reservoir in the Prudhoe Bay field after appraising the potential by recompleting existing wells, building 3D stochastic reservoir models, and running VIP simulations.

OGJ Newsletter

Jul 14, 2008

EIA: Biggest energy demand growth in developing countries

Jul 7, 2008 The world’s total energy consumption could grow by 50% in the 25 years from 2005 to 2030, with most of the increase coming in developing countries, reported the US Energy Information Administration in its latest International Energy Outlook (IEO) June 25.

OGJ Newsletter

Jul 7, 2008

OGJ Newsletter

Jun 9, 2008

SPECIAL REPORT: Projects being developed encompass a diverse mix

Jun 9, 2008 A wide variety of oil and gas projects will start producing in next the few years.

CCS is a question of scale

Jun 2, 2008 Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is being touted as a promising method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Operators, service providers grapple with deepwater well interventions

May 26, 2008 Today’s deepwater well interventions usually require big drilling rigs to place and pull heavy risers, but engineers visualize vessel-based, rigless interventions in future.

New fluids prevent formation damage to Tarim sandstones

May 19, 2008 Researchers at China University of Petroleum have developed new drilling and completion fluids to minimize damage in Jurassic sandstones.

SPECIAL REPORT: OTC speakers highlight offshore industry’s future

May 12, 2008 The oil and gas industry continues to develop new technologies and adapt others to keep pace with the rising need worldwide for energy.

Subsea gas compression hydrate formation analyzed

May 12, 2008 A study focused on potential hydrate formation in the pipe that connects the separator to the planned Ormen Lange subsea compressor.

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