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Sep 30, 2010

MegaWest Energy Corp., Calgary, suspended heavy oil production and steam injection at its Marmaton River and Grassy Creek projects in western Missouri to add equipment and assess the reservoirs.


Aug 23, 2010

Terrex Energy Inc., Calgary, is preparing an enhanced oil recovery development plan for its Strathmore field property 40 miles south of Calgary, Alta.

DOE-backed test shows 'huff-and-puff' EOR method can work for CCS

Jul 19, 2010 A North Dakota field test by one of the US Department of Energy's regional carbon capture and storage partnerships demonstrated that an enhanced oil recovery method known as "huff and puff" can simultaneously assess geological formations' carbon sequestration potential, DOE's Fossil Fuels Office announced.

Special Report: EOR/Heavy Oil Survey: POINT OF VIEW: SPE IOR conference chair laments lack of R&D funds

Apr 19, 2010 US funding for basic enhanced and improved oil recovery research and development is as scarce as it's ever been, says Dwight Rychel, general chair of the biennial Society of Petroleum Engineers Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, to be held Apr. 24-28 in Tulsa.

Special Report: EOR/Heavy Oil Survey: 2010 worldwide EOR survey

Apr 19, 2010

Special Report: EOR/Heavy Oil Survey: CO2 miscible, steam dominate enhanced oil recovery processes

Apr 19, 2010 Carbon dioxide injection and steam injection process as shown in Oil & Gas Journal's exclusive biennial enhanced oil recovery (EOR) survey, p. 41, account for most of the enhanced oil recovered in the world.

Modeling exercises assess US CO2-EOR potential

Apr 12, 2010

Modeling exercises indicate carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery might recover a considerable amount of technically and economically incremental oil in different regions of the US under various technology scenarios.

CO2 injection under way in Alabama EOR pilot project

Mar 8, 2010 A project team has begun to inject carbon dioxide into Alabama's Citronelle field as part of a $7.9 million pilot project to determine whether the field is ideal for simultaneous enhanced oil recovery and CO2 storage, the US Department of Energy said on Mar. 1.

Practical equations calculate gas flow rates through venturi valves

Feb 8, 2010 Oil field operators can use several practical equations for calculating flow rates of natural gas through venturi gas-lift valves.

DOE's latest CCS funding includes EOR project in West Texas

Dec 9, 2009

The US Department of Energy will provide $350 million to support a project designed to capture carbon from a proposed electric power plant near Midland-Odessa, Tex., and transport it to the Permian basin where it will be used in enhanced oil recovery, US Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced.

SEG: Saleri says oil, gas key in new energy era

Oct 29, 2009

The world has entered a new energy era in which overall energy efficiency and oil recovery efficiency will improve, environmental harmony will grow, and oil, gas, and coal will continue to dominate.

Observers question strategy behind raising taxes on oil, gas

Sep 29, 2009

A strategy that diverts federal tax incentives from domestic oil and gas to renewable and alternative energy would quickly increase oil and gas imports, industry observers warned on Sept. 28.

INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM AGREEMENTS—2: Embargo of '73 launched era of mutual adjustment

Sep 14, 2009 In the low-price environment of the 1980s and 1990s, many host countries adopted policies to promote E&P investments in their territories by offering more-attractive terms and conditions to foreign investors.

Chevron advances Minas chemical flood

Aug 18, 2009

Chevron Pacific Indonesia is moving ahead with its pilot chemical injection project in giant Minas oil field in Sumatra, Indonesia (OGJ, Apr. 21, 2008, p. 41).

New Mexico

Aug 11, 2009

The Crossroads-302 well in Crossroads Siluro-Devonian Unit in Lea County, NM, was reactivated July 30 and has averaged 130 b/d of oil since reactivation, said operator Enhanced Oil Resources Inc., Houston.

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