Refinery Assets for Sale

Refinery Assets for Sale Lousiana Chemical Equipment Co

78,000 BPD Refinery for Sale

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Hydrotreater - USLD Unit
• Dupont lsotherming  technology
• Capacity of 12,000 b/d.  lsotherming  section followed by conventional hds reactor section
• Unit commissioned in mid-2006
• Operates at approximately  1,200 psi

14.4 mm scf/d Hydrogen Plant

• Capacity of 14.4 mm scf/d
• Designed by Howe-Baker in 1994
• Capable of 99.9% hydrogen purity
• Built in 1996
• Relocated and refurbished  in 2006; only operated for a total of 6 years
FCC Gasoline Desulfurization Unit (GDU)
• GDU Capacity of 30,000 b/d
• In service April 2008
• Reduced cost of reformulated gasoline production
• Excellent startup and reliable unit operations
• S Zorb Technology

Sulfur Recovery Unit
• Current Capacity - 52 Ltpd
• Burner design is consistent with oxygen enrichment  upgrade
• SRU facilities:
• Claus 3 bed SRU
• SCOT tail gas treating unit
• Oversized sour water stripper

6,4000 TPD MTBE Unit
• Built in 1985; only operated  for 15 years
• In the MTBE process, isobutylene is reacted with methanol (methyl alcohol) to form methyl teritary butyl ether (MTBE).

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