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Hope for Mideast democracy survives conference failure

April 8, 2004 Hope for democracy lingers in the Middle East despite the late-March collapse of an Arab summit on the subject.

Despite fighting, Iraqi oil industry resumes operation

April 16, 2004 Despite fierce fighting in parts of the country, Iraq's oil industry is nearly back on its achy feet.

Market conditions cast doubt on alleged Saudi price deal

April 23, 2004 A media frenzy has erupted over suggestions that rulers of Saudi Arabia promised to moderate oil prices this summer in order to influence presidential elections in the US.

Abu Ghraib misconduct limits what's possible in Iraq

May 7, 2004 Disclosure of inhuman treatment of prisoners in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison degrades US legitimacy in Iraq.

Tense fuel market highlights need to end SUV tax breaks

May 14, 2004 Steadily rising gasoline prices in an election year will intensify pressure on politicians to curb consumption.

Role of mergers overstated in GAO fuel-price study

May 28, 2004 Even if it's right—which it probably isn't—a new report by the US General Accounting Office on oil-industry mergers amounts to whistling in a storm.

Why isn't price pain curbing us gasoline consumption?

June 7, 2004 While signs of relief from the widely reported pain of high gasoline prices are beginning to appear in the US, a crucial factor hasn't eased.

Global warming facts easy to distinguish from fiction

June 11, 2004 With global-warming alarmists hoping for help from a disaster movie called "The Day After Tomorrow," studies in the real world tell how much their agenda would cost.


June 21, 2004 The cultural and political turbulence of the Middle East has a demographic dimension with potential to aggravate or relieve growing tensions.

Alleged resource curse a problem for oil and industry

June 28, 2004 Economists increasingly discuss a phenomenon with potential to keep companies away from international exploration and production opportunities.

Supply needs more attention in energy policy-making

July 2, 2004 Has the world's largest energy-consuming country learned anything from its recent bump against the limits of supply?

Senate muffs chance to address abuse of tort system

July 12, 2004 Through an interesting coincidence, tort reform has roared back onto the US political stage.

Threat of trade move against OPEC misreads oil market

July 16, 2004 The subject of oil casts a strange spell on some politicians. It distorts their perceptions.

Planet can handle global warming without legal help

July 23, 2004 Grandstanding lawyers want to save the planet. Who will save the planet from grandstanding lawyers?

Environment helped by repairs to Clinton's lurches

July 30, 2004 Among polemical straw men slain at the Democratic National Convention July 26-29 was a beauty smitten by former President Bill Clinton.

Prices of crude, gasoline shattering suspicious myth

August 6, 2004 According to the myth, the gasoline price moves in step with crude on upturns but not downturns because of an evil urge of gasoline sellers to take advantage of their customers.

Chronic suspicion clouds thinking on oil price behavior

August 13, 2004 Unsold oil makes no money for oil producers. This insight somehow eludes adherents to the chronic suspicion that high oil prices can result only from withheld supply.

Washington should be planning for exit from Iraq

August 27, 2004 The US government should plan better for its departure from Iraq than it apparently did for the occupation.

Bush's convention energy statement brief, puzzling

September 3, 2004 That neither candidate felt obliged to offer more than brief energy promises is unusual in a period of elevated prices for oil, gas, and electricity.

Election run-up likely to raise violence in Iraq

September 13, 2004 Elections raise prospects for a further escalation of violence and more disruption to oil flow in and from Iraq.
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