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Gore shares stage with opponent of Aussie carbon tax

June 27, 2014

When governments meddle in energy markets, strange things happen—such as an appearance by Al Gore with a coal magnate at a press conference announcing opposition to carbon taxation.

Iraqi crisis shows factional strife trumps nationalism

June 20, 2014

Continuation of disruption to Iraq underscores how readily observers in the West underestimate factionalism, in its various dimensions, as a force in the Middle East.

Blitz of Iraq puts new focus on Saudi output decisions

June 13, 2014

The jihadist blitz of Iraq should quash whatever misapprehension remains that production growth in North America greatly lowers the importance of the Persian Gulf to oil markets.

Extreme agenda shaped emissions proposal by EPA

June 6, 2014

Architects of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from power plants have no intention of stopping with coal.

Misconceptions feed reluctance to allow export of US crude

May 30, 2014

Three misconceptions make US officials reluctant to allow the export of crude oil.

Political-spending hypocrisy masks big policy questions

May 23, 2014

In high-level fights over political spending, more is at stake for the oil and gas industry than tiresome hypocrisy.

EPA proposal due soon might reshape US power generation

May 16, 2014

About all anyone outside the US Environmental Protection Agency knows about proposed rules due soon that might restructure power generation in America is that they’ll arrive on time.

In official assault on fossil energy, tactics vary by fuel

May 9, 2014

An Executive Branch campaign against fossil energy applies different tactics to specific fuels.

Regulation explains sickly GDP numbers better than weather

May 2, 2014

Another quarter, another storm of regulation. Another storm of regulation, another quarter of economic drift.

Energy folly helped push Ontario into ‘have-not’ status

April 25, 2014

Economic wounds self-inflicted in service to energy fashion have helped push Canada toward uncharacteristic instability.

A moralist’s energy transition: from security to climate

April 17, 2014

From a master of high-minded muddle-headedness on energy comes, well, more high-minded muddle-headedness on energy.

Need for still more reform awaits winner of Indian elections

April 11, 2014

A question larger than who wins elections in the world’s fourth-ranked oil-consuming country is how much difference the outcome might make.

Exchange in Senate committee displays energy misconception

April 4, 2014

Misconception common in US government decision-making about energy received full exposure Apr. 3 in the Senate Finance Committee.

Report offers lens for viewing IPCC’s new climate reports

March 28, 2014

As the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change takes shape, observers might crave a simple way to make sense of the findings.

Fighting ‘fracked gas,’ activists fracture facts

March 21, 2014

Environmental activism has produced a new pearl of provocative meaninglessness: “fracked gas.”

US should avoid military motives for LNG exports

March 14, 2014

The US natural gas industry should remind House Republicans that geopolitical power works best in silence, that bluster dissipates influence.

Industrial Europe dares Environmental Europe over climate

March 7, 2014

Industrial Europe has challenged Environmental Europe over the price of reengineering energy use in deference to climate.

Kerry flubs facts in Jakarta diatribe on climate change

February 21, 2014

When a top official of the US government disparages opponents in an aggressive talk about an important subject, he ought to have his facts straight. In a Feb. 16 diatribe on climate change in Jakarta, Sec. of State John Kerry didn’t bother.

Gasoline price hike far from certain if US exports crude

February 14, 2014

Recent price history weakens an argument against easing US restriction of the export of crude oil.

Will Obama finally confront activists over Keystone XL?

February 7, 2014

Now that the US State Department has determined completion of the Keystone XL pipeline wouldn’t aggravate climate change, the president logically and at last will approve the border crossing—won’t he?

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