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Late? Feel good; you might be saving energy

March 2, 2007 If you're late for an appointment Mar. 12, blame Congress, but feel good about yourself. You might be—cue the violins—saving energy.

Want lower oil imports? Expand federal leasing

February 23, 2007 The White House, Senate, and House of Representatives all want to reduce US dependency on foreign oil—in the most expensive ways possible.

Would politicians let Big Oil wed Little Biofuels?

February 16, 2007 Because of how they're measured, biofuel operations can seem bigger than they are.

Fossil fuel days are over, Turner informs Houston

February 9, 2007 When an oil company executive comments on energy trends, television people discount the observations on the basis of vested interest. A television executive, however, lugs around no such baggage.


February 2, 2007 The energy bill passed by the House Jan. 18 tries to annul a question at the core of the year-long, price-threshold controversy about deepwater royalty relief.

Identical forces move prices of oil and oranges

January 19, 2007 The price of oranges is about to triple in the US, and nobody's complaining.

Europe pressing failed approach to global warming

January 12, 2007 In the battle over what to do about global warming, alarmists are trouncing deniers.

Corruption fight should target government excess

January 5, 2007 Democrats deserve applause for making ethics reform the first legislative thrust of the 110th Congress. But their crackdown doesn't address the core problem.

Congress seethes about the wrong OCS money issue

December 8, 2006 If Congress really cared about government OCS receipts it would allow more leasing of the OCS.

An open letter to the noble Iranian people

December 1, 2006 Noble Iranians, Because your president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, took the trouble to write a letter to US citizens—"noble Americans," in his words—a reciprocal gesture, albeit from a lesser office, seems appropriate.

OCS plan letter appeals to law, national interest

November 24, 2006 US oil and gas producers and contractors have resorted to basics in their efforts to expand leasing of federal land offshore. They're appealing to law and national interest.

Energy represents a belief test for new party leaders

November 17, 2006 Political-party leadership choices portend much about energy issues in the 110th Congress. In turn, energy choices will say much about what the parties believe.

Republicans let federal subsidy programs multiply

November 10, 2006 Part of the reason the Republican Party lost control of Congress on Nov. 7 is that too many of its incumbents abandoned their principles.

Confusion evident in blast at OPEC about production

November 3, 2006 It has long been a mystery how the US Congress can so consistently wander astray on oil and gas. Now we know. Guidance on the subject comes from the Joint Economic Committee.

California oil tax would fund energy spending

October 20, 2006 "Senseless" half describes a ballot initiative on which Californians will vote in November calling for a tax on oil to pay for state-sponsored energy.

Shtokman surprise a reminder of BTC pipeline rebuke

October 13, 2006 Russia's Oct. 9 turnabout on development of Shtokman gas and condensate field in the Barents Sea shows that the sword of pipeline politics has two edges.

Who said crude wouldn't drop below $60/bbl?

October 6, 2006 Suddenly, instead of asking how high the crude price might go, people are wondering about the bottom.

Where's the money worry in US bans on OCS leasing?

September 29, 2006 The US Congress deserves credit for its concern about those federal offshore oil and gas leases that lack price thresholds for deepwater royalty relief.

Chavez employs 'fishing model' of geopolitics

September 22, 2006 Call it the live-bait fishing model of geopolitics: first the gift, then the gaff.

Reserves numbers aren't oil's only market perplexity

September 15, 2006 Numbers about the oil and gas market aren't always what they seem to be.
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