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Senate's energy bill pushes US down wrong road

June 22, 2007 The US Senate on June 21 rejected punitive taxes on the oil and gas industry but still passed a stinker of an energy bill.

Comprehensive bills stumble on complex issues

June 15, 2007 The political storm swamping US immigration reform helps explain troubles with energy policy.

Restrained oil investment seen in biofuel push

June 8, 2007 When the head of OPEC warns that a global rush toward biofuels might push oil prices "through the roof," is he issuing a calculated threat or a serious warning?

What? No global warming panic? How shocking!

June 1, 2007 An eminent prophet of global-warming doom is shocked that a colleague doesn't share his anxiety.

Congress follows the Take That! energy approach

May 25, 2007 Welcome to the Take That! approach to energy legislation.

US politicians need to calm down on energy

May 18, 2007 Before taking another step on energy, US politicians should calm down.

Cellulose will strain ethanol's political unity

May 14, 2007 The US ethanol craze will become a political battle under current presuppositions.

Survey confirms US confusion about energy

May 4, 2007 Surveys can provide important ratification of the obvious. One recent survey, for example, indicates Americans know little about energy.

Ethanol thrives on word tricks of persuasion

April 20, 2007 While ethanol claims a burgeoning share of the US fuel market, courtesy of taxpayers, a once-common name for gasoline-alcohol blends remains in relative disuse. Remember gasohol?

World Bank chief loses ground in corruption fight

April 13, 2007 To the oil and gas industry's detriment, World Bank Pres. Paul Wolfowitz has sustained a blow likely to destroy his effectiveness in a crucial fight.

Global warming melts separation of power in US

April 6, 2007 The US Supreme Court has taken one side in a political issue of the type that the Constitution seems at pains to reserve for other branches of government.

Hostage crisis highlights roles in geopolitics

March 30, 2007 While it's difficult to predict how the new Iranian hostage crisis will end, responses by other countries say much about modern geopolitics.

Busy with gotcha games, Congress ignores energy

March 23, 2007 The best hope for US energy policy these days is embodied in Alberto Gonzales, Valerie Plame, and Al Gore.

Stop the press: Scientists doubt Gore's alarms

March 16, 2007 It's newsworthy when the mainstream press takes notice of unfrenzied approaches to climate change.

Political culture mangles energy and ruins lives

March 9, 2007 Who in the oil and gas industry has never marveled at the ability of high-voltage politics in Washington, DC, to mangle energy issues?

Late? Feel good; you might be saving energy

March 2, 2007 If you're late for an appointment Mar. 12, blame Congress, but feel good about yourself. You might be—cue the violins—saving energy.

Want lower oil imports? Expand federal leasing

February 23, 2007 The White House, Senate, and House of Representatives all want to reduce US dependency on foreign oil—in the most expensive ways possible.

Would politicians let Big Oil wed Little Biofuels?

February 16, 2007 Because of how they're measured, biofuel operations can seem bigger than they are.

Fossil fuel days are over, Turner informs Houston

February 9, 2007 When an oil company executive comments on energy trends, television people discount the observations on the basis of vested interest. A television executive, however, lugs around no such baggage.


February 2, 2007 The energy bill passed by the House Jan. 18 tries to annul a question at the core of the year-long, price-threshold controversy about deepwater royalty relief.
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