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In Russia-Ukraine gas row, everyone loses something

January 9, 2009 The new gas-price showdown between Russia and Ukraine is a complex affair in which all parties lose.

TV show targets wrong element of '08 oil price leap

January 16, 2009 An "investigation" by a popular US television news show has uncovered information about oil prices that anyone familiar with the market knew months ago.

Plunge refutes US view of what steers oil price

January 23, 2009 If not for the political damage, uninformed bellyaching about oil prices would be amusing.

Relief from tax law complexity would help US economy

January 30, 2009 The new Treasury secretary's tax embarrassment highlights a lever that he and Congress profitably might pull to repair a broken economy.

Economy in peril no reason to stoop to politics of fear

February 6, 2009 The scariest part of the economic crisis is the US government's wild resort to the politics of fear.

Supply, oil use trends reshape future of refining

February 13, 2009 Growth in production of light hydrocarbons combines with shifting patterns of oil consumption and new transportation options to reshape the refining industry's future.

Hasty taxes might not be what people of the future need

February 20, 2009 Raising taxes to fund uncertain benefits far in the future can be worse than rising sea levels.

Obama's budget isn't just change; it's derangement

February 27, 2009 Change is nearly always good. The same can't be said for derangement. President Barack Obama, who ran for office as the high priest of change, has crossed this line.

Strange thinking steers assault on oil, gas, economy

March 6, 2009 Just when it seems utterances from Washington, DC, can't get any loonier, someone in the Obama administration says what he thinks.

Land-grab defeat doesn't herald a friendly Congress

March 13, 2009 Defeat by the US House of a major lock-up of federal land provides a welcome ray of hope—but a flickering one.

Salazar: It's not war on oil and gas; it's taxation

March 20, 2009 In case anyone finds the difference between war and larceny puzzling, US Interior Sec. Ken Salazar offers help.

Prophecy fulfilled: Democracy stalls climate sacrifice

April 3, 2009 A prominent prophet of climate doom appears, after all, to be prophetic.

Studies challenge job creation via overhaul of energy

April 10, 2009 A centerpiece of the Obama administration's proposal to overhaul US energy markets—the promise of an employment surge from "green jobs"—has come under attack.

IEA use of JODI data a step for oil transparency

April 17, 2009 An international effort to improve transparency of oil and gas markets advanced a step this month.

Shock in Canada: Alberta not worst on environment

April 24, 2009 In Canada, calling Alberta green—even brownish green—can cause a ruckus.

'Pollutant's' new meaning threatens hydrogen vehicles

May 1, 2009 If applied consistently, the logic that treats carbon dioxide as air pollution would end whatever hope remains for hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Chief executives boost UN program on corruption

May 8, 2009 An important United Nations fight against corruption received a boost this month from the chief executives of 24 international companies.

The unspoken booms in some reform debate

May 15, 2009 The secret of aggressive reform is often just that: off-message information that reformist politicians don't want anyone to know.

Treasury: Oil, gas 'overproduction' a threat to security

May 22, 2009 For oil and gas, the national-security argument has always been a two-edged sword. The back edge now slashes savagely.

Lands bill a new package of horrors for US oil and gas

May 29, 2009 As horror follows horror in Washington, DC, the US oil and gas industry needs a scorecard to keep track of threats building against it.
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