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Studies won't fix unintended consequences

November 30, 2007 What does a government do when unintended consequences highlight its mistakes? It conducts a study.

Gasoline price sting not what politicians say

November 23, 2007 The sting of rising gasoline prices is a handy political cudgel, whatever its severity.

Cost study plus math should doom US energy bills

November 16, 2007 The oil and gas industry should welcome an important study projecting the costs of energy bills in Congress. But it should not let an impressive modeling exercise obscure simple mathematics.

Failure to enact bad energy bill would be triumph

November 9, 2007 Given what it has to work with, the 110th Congress will not have failed on energy if it enacts no legislation on the subject.

Wailing begins about ruling on deepwater leases

November 2, 2007 "This is a sad day for the American public," wailed Senate Energy Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) about a court decision favoring an oil company in a royalty case with large implications.

Mortgage crunch a reminder of economic cycles

October 19, 2007 The US treasury secretary offered lessons all around—some related to oil and gas—in a stinging Oct. 16 speech about the meltdown of housing finance.

CGES: Saudis cut output to lift crude price

October 12, 2007 Saudi Arabia has been limiting production to raise oil prices while blaming the effects on speculation and US refining problems, a London think-tank says.

Oil traders know output gains trim a market cushion

October 5, 2007 A production increase coordinated by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries isn't always what it appears to be.

Summer gasoline output discredits spring suspicion

September 28, 2007 Timing makes the latest congressionally inspired investigation of the US oil industry look—to put it politely—seriously uninformed.

Governor mistakes business move for price misbehavior

September 21, 2007 The governor of Connecticut has found yet another way for Americans to think self-destructively about energy.

US chases energy fantasies while EU seeks supply

September 14, 2007 Europe and the US share concern about security of energy supply. The similarity mostly ends there.

Dingell steers toward classic US energy folly

September 7, 2007 "Properly addressing climate change requires us to address the issue of consumption. We do that by making consumption more expensive." Give Rep. John D. Dingell credit for cutting to the heart of the matter.

All-powerful oil lobby a juvenile Obama fantasy

August 27, 2007 There's a reason Hillary Clinton, in her race for the Democratic presidential nomination, is making Barak Obama look juvenile. He acts that way.

Chavez wrong on price path, cutoff threat

August 17, 2007 Hugo Chavez says the darnedest things.

House energy bills fill many pages, raise many costs

August 10, 2007 People facing overhaul of fundamental energy systems should read the legislation that proposes to change their lives.

Real heroes make their own fuel choices

August 3, 2007 Why can't movie stars at least try to live up to their on-screen heroism?

Explosion? Fire? Must be an oil and gas disaster

July 27, 2007 Ignorance and suspicion frolic again at the expense of oil and gas.

Beer price hikes will underscore US energy folly

July 13, 2007 Because Americans are awakening to folly, House Republicans should be careful how they criticize their Democratic colleagues about energy.

Poison ivy seen as thriving on carbon dioxide

July 6, 2007 As if rising sea levels and malaria plagues weren't frightening enough, the world has another malign effect of global warming over which to panic: poison ivy.

Ethanol's fans are dodging the food-cost issue

June 29, 2007 Ethanol's tireless propagandists are focusing on corn's contribution to the Consumer Price Index for food to imply that their favorite fuel deserves no blame.
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