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New York Times writer yields to glacier seduction

August 8, 2008 A celebrated New York Times columnist has observed glaciers melting in Greenland and issued this judgment on proposals for expanded oil and gas leasing of the OCS: "Madness. Sheer madness."

Energy backfires again as tool of foreign policy

August 15, 2008 As Arab oil exporters learned after their targeted embargo of 1973-74, energy has its drawbacks as a tool of foreign policy. The US must take that point as it reacts to Russia's bullying of Georgia.

Europe's diesel preference gets lift from France

August 23, 2008 A French effort to reduce vehicular emissions of carbon dioxide might ease market-based problems of the European program known as dieselization.

Russian leaders act intoxicated by oil revenue

September 1, 2008 If, as some say, America is addicted to oil, Russia is stumbling drunk on the stuff.

Oil prices change faster than market perceptions turn

September 5, 2008 Market perceptions, whatever they are and whatever their influence over oil prices, take a long time to change.

Warming political menu gets new item: eggplant, well done

September 12, 2008 The sacrifices people have been called to make in response to global warming have become tangible in a new way. The leader of the IPCC suggests omnivores give up meat.

Federal rules don't align with private sector's courtesies

September 19, 2008 The oil industry has a political problem likely to cost more than the few thousand dollars four companies spent showing MMS marketers that they appreciated their business.

US can raise tax revenue by cutting corporate tax rate

October 3, 2008 Political discourse in the early 1980s treated "tax rates" and "tax revenue" as synonymous phrases. As they grapple with a new century's economic problems, policy-makers must not repeat the mistake.

Oil industry helps ease the new load on US taxpayers

October 10, 2008 Congress has allowed the oil and gas business to ease the extra load taxpayers will assume from the vote-winning part of the economic rescue package signed into law Oct. 3.

Supply cuts key to how far oil prices plunge

October 17, 2008 The question of the day: How low will crude prices go? The answer depends greatly on supply.

Officials prepare to rescue ethanol from new crisis

October 24, 2008 As fuel ethanol approaches a new crisis, the federal government busily fashions another rescue.

EIA: New US gas saved $4 billion in first 7 months

October 31, 2008 Anyone concerned about imported energy should find useful the simple proposition that raising production lowers imports unless consumption rises by the same amount.

Waxman challenge might be a climate change power play

November 7, 2008 A chairmanship challenge at the House Energy and Commerce Committee may be the first step in a power play over climate change.

The bright side of bankruptcy: a political fantasy

November 14, 2008 In the rush to make financially troubled companies wards of the US government, a strange misconception seems to be at work: that bankrupt entities cease to exist.

Oil conservation starts before fuel limits take effect

November 21, 2008 The problem with conservation as an aim of energy policy is that its strongest advocates wouldn't know it if it stared them in the face. It's staring them in the face now.

Financial crisis hurts outlook for EU energy goals

November 28, 2008 The folly of governmental targets for energy use is coming into clear focus in Europe.

'Windfall profit' tax move leaves reason for worry

December 5, 2008 The US oil and gas industry has reason to feel relief and worry about President-elect Barack Obama's decision not to pursue a "windfall profit" tax on oil.

Smelly political, financial reports gag Democrats

December 12, 2008 Not that Republicans haven't exploded their share of stink bombs in recent years, but the week ending Dec. 12, 2008, was especially malodorous for Democrats.

Forecasts for oil prices depend on economic outlook

December 19, 2008 Guess the question from the answer: It all depends on the global economy.

Oil price extremes do not repudiate US 'deregulation'

January 2, 2009 A popular belief deserving stern resistance holds that oil price extremes of 2008 justify the revival of aggressive market regulation.
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