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EPA, Congress share blame for high fuel prices

March 14, 2008 Congressional oil-price inquisitions target the wrong people. Government officials, not oil-company executives, should have to answer for zooming prices.

OPEC blames rising crude oil prices on US 'mismanagement'

March 7, 2008 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries drew first blood in a spat with US President George W. Bush.

Crude topped $100/bbl in February

March 3, 2008 Traders pushed crude prices well above $100/bbl in late February, turning from equities to commodities as a haven for investments.

House energy bill an exercise in childishness

February 29, 2008 Kicking oil companies in the shins is not energy policy. It's childishness.

CBO: CO2 tax the best move on climate change

February 22, 2008 The Congressional Budget Office is right to favor a tax on carbon dioxide over other possible US responses to climate change. But it omits an important reason.

Congress offers bad reasons for bad energy bill

February 15, 2008 Doing good things for good reasons is best; good things for bad reasons, lucky; bad things for good reasons, wrong; and bad things for bad reasons, stupid.

Energy in need of politically popular change

February 8, 2008 A political campaign with "change" as a rallying call should be good for energy policy in the US. But don't count on anything.

Like energy bill, stimulus package misses the target

February 1, 2008 The economic stimulus initiative pushing its way through the US Congress has much in common with last year's energy bill. It's superficial and insufficient, probably harmful.

Societe Generale mess a reminder of trading perils

January 25, 2008 The unfolding Jerome Kerviel drama says much about cap-and-trade remedies for climate change.

Request for more oil highlights US contradictions

January 18, 2008 These thoughts might have occurred to Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah when US President George W. Bush, during a visit to the desert kingdom, requested an increase in oil production.

Import arguments backfire against US oil producers

January 11, 2008 Arguments aimed at cutting US oil imports do producers more harm than good in Washington, DC. The industry should try a different approach.

Candidates test limits of unruly energy utterance

January 4, 2008 On energy, US Democratic presidential hopefuls are testing the limits of unruly utterance.

Report redraws global warming caricatures

December 21, 2007 The global-warming discussion long ago fell victim to a style of politics in which one side turns the opposition into a self-debunking caricature.

Some dislike oil companies; some just dislike oil

December 15, 2007 While battling recently against misguided energy legislation, a veteran oil and gas industry representative observed, "They're trying to put us out of business."

New House bill highlights US energy instability

December 7, 2007 When US lawmakers fret about energy supply from unstable regimes, they should look closely at themselves.

Studies won't fix unintended consequences

November 30, 2007 What does a government do when unintended consequences highlight its mistakes? It conducts a study.

Gasoline price sting not what politicians say

November 23, 2007 The sting of rising gasoline prices is a handy political cudgel, whatever its severity.

Cost study plus math should doom US energy bills

November 16, 2007 The oil and gas industry should welcome an important study projecting the costs of energy bills in Congress. But it should not let an impressive modeling exercise obscure simple mathematics.

Failure to enact bad energy bill would be triumph

November 9, 2007 Given what it has to work with, the 110th Congress will not have failed on energy if it enacts no legislation on the subject.

Wailing begins about ruling on deepwater leases

November 2, 2007 "This is a sad day for the American public," wailed Senate Energy Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) about a court decision favoring an oil company in a royalty case with large implications.
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