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OPEC reports highlight confusion in energy news

September 17, 2004 Here's a public-education challenge for the oil and gas industry: Teach journalists the difference between production quotas set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and actual production.

Need for energy the best gauge of spending levels

September 27, 2004 Concern has arisen that oil and gas companies aren't spending money fast enough.

US foot-dragging on LNG producing a scare scenario

October 4, 2004 The comforting feature of scare scenarios is that they seldom come true.

Critical report might obscure US air-quality gains

October 8, 2004 A report critical of US Environmental Protection Agency efforts to reduce ground-level ozone pollution can create a faulty impression.

US producers win long-sought relief for marginal wells

October 15, 2004 Congress can act constructively on energy and doesn't need omnibus legislation to do it.

Hydraulic fracing assault just a political trick

October 22, 2004 Just in time for general elections, four congressional Democrats and one independent have concocted an environmental issue out of technical complexity, ignorance, and fear.

It's no crisis that the US and Europe have issues

October 29, 2004 As an issue in US general election on Nov. 2, friction between the US and Europe won't be decisive.

UAE defies west's stereotype of the Middle East

November 6, 2004 It is misleading to describe all of the Middle East in terms applicable only to the region's most violent and oppressive countries.

Budget caution averts panic over oil price slide

November 15, 2004 The price of crude oil has fallen by more than $7/bbl in 3 weeks. Shouldn't oil companies be canceling projects, laying off workers, and shedding physical assets? Is a $7/bbl slide no longer sufficient to shove industry managers into scorched-earth mode?

US should change a leasing policy based on ignorance

November 24, 2004 With limits on supply asserting themselves in oil and gas markets, curiosity runs high about how much fluid hydrocarbon remains to be found and produced.

Scandal-ridden United Nations needs new leader

December 3, 2004 The question is not whether Kofi Annan should resign as secretary general of the United Nations. The question is why he hasn't done so already.

Reason for Annan to quit should be UN, not US

December 10, 2004 The administration of US President George W. Bush was right to declare on Dec. 9 that it's not pushing for the resignation of United Nations Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan.


December 23, 2004 While there's plenty to regret in Russia's expropriation of core OAO Yukos assets, the supposed threat to security of US oil supply deserves far less worry than it receives.


December 30, 2004 Among all the arguments about the war in Iraq, one of the most divisive rages over this question: Do the ouster of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and ensuing combat constitute part of the war against terrorism or a distraction from it?

Russia's pipeline decision important debottleneck step

January 7, 2005 Russia's decision to favor an oil pipeline from East Siberia to Nakhodka, near Vladivostok, will have market effects more important than the diplomatic upsets likely to receive most attention in the news.


January 14, 2005 Sudan took a step forward into the 20th Century Jan. 9 with the signing of an agreement halting 22 years of civil war.

Command energy options can't be called sustainable

January 28, 2005 Innovative energy options can only suffer from association with command strategies that are destined to fail.

Iraqis deserve expectation that they'll succeed

February 4, 2005 Iraq's election Jan. 30 did more than testify to the manifest courage of a long-oppressed and still-beleaguered people.

Ethanol, MTBE liability stalk energy legislation

February 14, 2005 The energy bazaar is open again in the US. Congress seems determined to try once more to pass comprehensive energy legislation.

Russia's recent oil production defies forecasts

February 18, 2005 Expectations about oil supply from Russia may need to be adjusted. Downward.
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