http://localhost:4503/content/ogj/en/blogs/watching-government-video.html2016-08-19T09:48:02.795ZNGVs gain ground in some statesNickSAdobe Experience ManagerBRANDON NADRASHDon't kid yourself. Everyone acts in his own interest according to his incentives and constraints. It has always been about the $ - only now that the government is so pervasive in every aspect of everything it's easier to pay off a politician than to innovate and compete. (Are you listening T. Boone?)/content/ogj/en/blogs/watching-government-video/2012/02/ngvs_gain_groundin.html#comments-don_t_kid_yourself2012-03-06T20:38:55.682Z2012-03-06T20:38:55.682ZAnonymousThe Natural Gas Act was killed by the Koch Brothers. Not a battle of conservative vs. liberal, but of rich vs. super rich. It is all about $, and the best interest of America does not count with this bunch./content/ogj/en/blogs/watching-government-video/2012/02/ngvs_gain_groundin.html#comments-the_natural_gas_act2012-02-27T23:04:59.380Z2012-02-27T23:04:59.380Z 500

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