http://localhost:4503/content/ogj/en/blogs/washington-pulse.html2016-08-04T00:16:58.979ZDemanding 'Big Oil' pay its fair sharenicksinwashdcAdobe Experience ManagerAnonymousI wrote the Blog on "Big Oil" but did not realize I could leave my contact (210-308-9922) real problem for the Oil and Gas Energy operations is that we in the Industry had different names for many Tax issues and ended up behind the Proverbial "Eight Ball." The Government called it "Depreciation" and the Oil and Gas Industry called it "Depletion Allowance." The Government called it "Investment Credit" and the Oil and Gas Industry called it "Intangible Development Costs." and the worst name came from what the Government called "Dividens,The Energy Sector called it "Royalty Income." The TV show "Dallas" simply ended up as the most watched in the World as the favorite and gave everyone the sense that all Oil Field Management persons thought and acted like "J.R. Ewing," being ready to cheat everyone in any way possible. Doubt these ststements, just look it up with your web browser or "Google It!" The USA is the only Country in the world that allows someone to wake up in the middle of the night and remember they do not have any cream for their house guests' morning coffee, put on their clothes, and drive mostly very short times to a 24 hour store where they can find what ever they forgot to have already. If the newspapers started today stating that we could be short on gasoline supplies next week, we would have the same long lines at gas stations because everyone would get their 5 gallon cans and fill them up to have an emergency supply. John Denver, the Country Western Star singer buried a 10,000 (ten thousand) gallon tank on his ranch in Colorado. I know he is deceased now and I love his songs, but he was not trying to hurt anyone nor cause anyone else to be inconvienced. The point is that almost all persons living in the USA do not know how to save. We consume off the assembly line. Think of bread as an example. Most shoppers reach to the back of the bread shelves to get the latest dated loaf. If the newspapers and other media start talking about a possible gasoline shortage the same long lines would appear. The Energy Companies did not nor would not be guilty of letting oil tankers anchor just out of sight waiting for gasoline prices to rise. I'll stop before my blood pressure starts to rise. I have been a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas since Apr-1963, and have a B.S. Degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University Of Texas in Austin, Texas. I have worked in the Energy Production Arena since 1955./content/ogj/en/blogs/washington-pulse/2011/05/demanding-big-oil-pay-its-fair-share.html#comments-the_real_problemfor2011-08-15T20:51:18.734Z2011-08-15T20:51:18.734Z 500

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