Planning and Scheduling is Crazy

By Ricky Smith CMRP
You would not believe how many organizations have disfunctional or no Maintenance Planning and Scheduling? This is crazy, without an effective planning and scheduling function you cannot expect wrench time to be above 20%, rework is high and MTBF is low.

How does your organization plan and schedule maintenance work?

We want planning and scheduling to be focused on the early identification of Potential Failures, Lubrication, time based overhauls (we need to talk about this subject another day).

If you want to know if you have a proactive planner, call them on the phone and tell them you need a part right now for a breakdown and if you get the dial tone you have a proactive planner because you must have dialed the wrong number. NEVER drag a maintenance planner into the reactivity of an organization. Allow them to be proactive even if no one else is, trust me.

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