Planning and Scheduling - How effective is it in your company?

By Ricky Smith CMRP
I conducted a survey of over 300 facilities worldwide and found only 2 % were performing to best practices in Maintenance Planning and about the same Scheduling Maintenance. I think it is important to define best practice for planning and make a process which is focused and disciplined, no calling the planner to expedite parts. In my opinion, I believe scheduling has to evolve from scheduling by week to by day. It is difficult and that is why I always suggest planning and scheduling training for everyone from the plant manager (2 hours) to the Maintenance craft personnel (4 hours). The problem is not just planning and scheduling because it begins at how you identify work and hopefully most of your work comes from PM or PdM and not breakdowns.

How does your organization operate planning and scheduling? I have seen some companies using unique ways to plan and schedule that are awesome and others that need to go away.
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