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EPA initiatives give new meaning to political gridlock

Thu Jul 30 10:17:00 CDT 2015
Bad energy policy has one positive attribute: a strong tendency for mist... Watch the Video >

Rig counts are up where plans focus on the long term

Thu Jul 23 09:02:00 CDT 2015
Rig counts plummet except where they don’t. With drilling, major Arab oi... Watch the Video >

OPEC supply surge swamps downturn in US tight-oil output

Thu Jul 16 11:11:00 CDT 2015
Confession: Early this year, your correspondent predicted that oil produ... Watch the Video >

Twist of activists’ dogma freshens view of global warming

Thu Jul 09 09:48:00 CDT 2015
Fresh perspective on global warming, a topic that needs it, comes from a... Watch the Video >

Emerging producers offered guidelines for governance

Thu Jul 02 12:34:00 CDT 2015
Like most worthy endeavors, governing oil and gas activity at the nation... Watch the Video >

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Arguing for biofuel quotas

Thu Jul 30 10:19:00 CDT 2015
With Republican majorities in both the Senate and House, EPA officials s... Watch the Video >

Change in Saudi Arabia?

Thu Jul 16 16:17:00 CDT 2015
International observers are still considering the extent, if any, of cha... Watch the Video >



Oil Diplomacy

By Eric Watkins

OGJ Oil Diplomacy Editor Eric Watkins examines policies affecting the global oil and gas industry.

Iran: Ahmadinejad to propose Aliabadi as permanent oil minister

Fri Jul 15 10:28:00 CDT 2011
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to nominate a new oil minister later this month, with the current caretaker minister, Mohammad Aliabadi, being put forward for the permanent post.&l... More >

South Sudan forms oil marketing venture with Glencore

Fri Jul 15 10:26:00 CDT 2011
South Sudan’s state-owned Nilepet has formed a joint venture firm with Glencore International Plc that will begin marketing oil produced by the newly founded country.“This joint venture... More >

BP shrugs off tax woes to invest in UK's North Sea

Fri Jul 15 10:23:00 CDT 2011
BP PLC underlined its commitment to the UK's North Sea by announcing a plan to invest £3 billion to redevelop its Schiehallion and Loyal oil fields west of the Shetland Islands.BP’s decision,... More >

Diplomat: Libya’s rebel-held oil facilities ?largely undamaged’

Mon Jun 27 13:04:00 CDT 2011
With Libya’s oil infrastructure thought to be largely undamaged in rebel-held areas of the country, a British diplomat said that exports of oil could resume within 3-4 weeks following the fal... More >

Sudan: Obama urges ceasefire in oil-rich south

Mon Jun 20 16:44:00 CDT 2011
US President Barack Obama urged the Khartoum-based government of northern Sudan to end its military operations against southern opponents in the oil-rich border state of South Kordofan, a scene of ... More >

Washington Pulse

Nick Snow
By Nick Snow

Senate ethanol vote: symbolic or something more?

Fri Jun 17 12:27:00 CDT 2011
Two days after rejecting US Sen. Thomas A. Coburn's (R-Okla.) amendment aimed at ending federal fuel ethanol subsidies, the Senate adopted one prop... More >

Demanding 'Big Oil' pay its fair share

Fri May 13 12:51:00 CDT 2011
Forget, for the time being, US Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) suggesting, at a May 11 Senate Finance Committee hearing, that a ConocoPhillips May 11 p... More >

Improve federal oil spill research coordination, GAO urges

Fri May 06 10:38:00 CDT 2011
The federal Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research should establish a more systematic process to identify and consult with k... More >

Vitter questions Ex-Im Bank loans to Petrobras, Ecopetrol

Fri Apr 29 15:32:00 CDT 2011
US Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) has raised questions about the Export-Import Bank of the United States making loans totaling billions of dollars to Br... More >

BOEMRE monitors Cuban offshore

Fri Apr 15 08:55:00 CDT 2011
US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement Director Michael R. Bromwich quietly included Cuba as he emphasized working with ... More >
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