Fisher Digital Valves with Predictive Diagnostics Provide Optimal Performance and Increase Process System Uptime

Emerson Process Management worked in partnership with Shell to develop and manufacture nearly 100 custom and severe service Fisher® digital valves. These valve solutions cover all process control aspects of the challenging, ultra-deepwater Perdido platform located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fisher digital valves with predictive diagnostics provide Shell with the power to improve process availability and increase platform reliability.

The Perdido platform’s central control system utilizes Fisher digital valves with Emerson-developed Asset Management Software (AMS™) and the AMS ValveLink™ SNAP-ON™ application to monitor the process control equipment for optimal performance. This unique software solution utilizes predictive diagnostics to open a window to the process by giving a view of the valve’s actual position and operating characteristics as well as diagnostics of the entire valve assembly and instrument.

Utilizing reliable Fisher digital valves with performance diagnostics has provided Perdido personnel the opportunity to make better-informed decisions, leading to increased safety, increased availability, reduced variability, process optimization, increased throughput and enhanced product quality.

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