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Volume 111, Issue 11
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      International news for oil and gas professionals

    • Editorial

      • RFS and health care

        The subjects differ, but basic problems in two US political issues are identical. In both, Americans face the need to part with money for failing to meet impossible requirements imposed by federal law. Common to both issues is a government trying to do too much.

    • Journallly Speaking

      • Rhetoric vs. action

        "Every barrel of oil or cubic foot of gas that we produce at home instead of importing from abroad means more jobs, fast growth, and a lower trade deficit," said Gene Sperling, director of the National Economic Council, and Jason Furman, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, in a White House blog posting.

    • The Editor's Perspective

    • Watching Government

      • Treaty's glitch may be fading

        Remember the Gulf of Mexico transboundary treaty glitch that was the subject of Watching Government's Oct. 14 column? There are growing indications now that it might not be a problem after all.

  • Special Report: Worldwide Construction update

  • General Interest

    • Speakers see changes ahead for Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela

      Three major Latin American oil-producing nations face different near-term policy prospects, ranging from reforms in Mexico to possible retreat in Brazil to near-total uncertainty in Venezuela, speakers said during a conference on Energy in the Americas.

    • Moniz: US still vulnerable despite improved outlook

      The US still must address natural resources geopolitics despite its oil and gas outlook being dramatically better than it was when the Arab oil embargo began 40 years ago, US Sec. of Energy Ernest J. Moniz said.

    • Foreign oil, natural gas investment strong in Canada

      Foreign investment in Canadian oil and gas, a topic that raised governmental concern when CNOOC Ltd. of China last year announced plans to acquire Nexen Inc. of Calgary for $15.1 billion, has averaged $20 billion/year since 2007, reports the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI).

    • Study: Uncertainty rules smaller nations' rush to gas

      Smaller nations' plans to invest in natural gas should proceed with caution, according to interim results of a study by MIT Energy Initiative in collaboration with the Cyprus Institute.

    • Gas production starts at ExxonMobil's Kipper-Tuna-Turrum project

      Oil and gas production has begun from ExxonMobil's $4.5 billion (Aus.) Kipper-Tuna-Turrum project in Bass Strait offshore Victoria. Gas is flowing from the Tuna field while Turrum has produced its first oil.

    • Pioneer to sell Alaska subsidiary for $550 million

      Dallas-based independent Pioneer Natural Resources Co. has agreed to sell its equity in subsidiary Natural Resources Alaska Inc. to privately held Caelus Energy Alaska LLC, Dallas, for $550 million.

    • Dana Gas group files arbitration on Kurdistan government

      Three operators that hold oil and gas rights in Iraq's Kurdistan region have filed an arbitration action in a London court seeking to clarify contractual rights under their agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

    • Protest events seen as 'new normal' for Keystone XL opponents

      Proponents of the proposed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline said opponents' increasingly frequent protest events represent a "new normal" in efforts to keep the pipeline from Alberta's oil sands to US Gulf Coast refineries from being built.

    • AAA, API ask EPA to lower 2014 ethanol mandates

      The American Automobile Association has asked the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Obama administration to reduce ethanol mandates under the federal Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) for 2014 until more realistic targets can be established.

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